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Gordon Ramsay's wife Tana's surprising pregnancy announcements with seven children

The celebrity chef is a doting dad to three sons and three daughters after Tana suffered a miscarriage with baby Rocky in 2019

Gordon Ramsay and Tana Ramsay with their babies
Nichola Murphy
Nichola MurphyDeputy Lifestyle Editor
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Gordon Ramsay, 57, was already a doting dad to five children, so fans were surprised when he revealed that his wife Tana, 49, had secretly given birth to their sixth and final baby in November 2023.

The celebrity chef had recently hinted that Tana was broody, stating on Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett's podcast Dish that she "wants another one." However, he expressed his reservations about welcoming more newborns into the family over fears he'd be an older parent in the playground.

Tana Ramsay with a baby on her chest© Instagram
Gordon said the pair were done expanding their family

After welcoming son Jesse James Ramsay, "one more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade," it seems as though he has changed his mind! While Tana kept her entire pregnancy under wraps before revealing their happy news, they have made some heartwarming comments about their pregnancies with their children Megan, 24, twins Holly and Jack, 23, Tilly, 21, and Oscar, four. 

Megan Ramsay

Hell's Kitchen star Gordon and Tana struggled to conceive following their 1996 wedding, so they turned to IVF.

"I suffer from polycystic ovaries and Gordon has a low sperm count, which is probably down to the kitchen – the hours, the stress, the heat. So we had IVF, which made me feel like a complete failure," she told The Guardian. It was successful and they welcomed their eldest daughter Megan in May 1998, shortly followed by twins Holly and Jack.

Holly & Jack Ramsay 

Megan was just 11 months old when Tana became pregnant with Holly and Jack, who were seven weeks premature when they were born in January 2000. 

"Seeing them become little chubby, healthy babies within the first year was a true blessing and I will always be grateful for the determination they showed and their feisty characters," she wrote on Instagram in 2020.

Matilda Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey with his pregnant wife Tana in a pink dress© Dave Benett
The couple fell pregnant with Matilda naturally

After turning to IVF for their first three children, Tana admitted it was a surprise to find she had fallen pregnant with Matilda, known as Tilly, naturally. "I was so happy. I felt: I can do it. I did this by myself," the doting mother said, but she added that she had concerns about parenting four children under the age of two!

"We knew we wanted a large family," she told The Herald in 2008. "But for it to happen that close together is amazing. When I discovered I was expecting [our fourth child] Tilly I remember thinking, 'Oh my God, how am I going to manage?' But you do." Tilly was born in November 2001.

Rocky Ramsay

Jack, Tana, Megan, Gordon, Tilly and Holly Ramsay smile for a family photograph© Instagram
Tana shared a family photo in tribute of her late son Rocky's seventh birthday

Following a 15-year break, Gordon and Tana fell pregnant with their son Rocky, but they sadly suffered a miscarriage at 20 weeks.

During an appearance on James Corden's The Late Late Show, Gordon shared the news that he was expanding his family when asked about raising his four teenagers.

"We have three girls and a boy… and one more on the way," said the Kitchen Nightmares star, adding: "I'm a little bit nervous. The baby's due in September. Obviously I'll be happy with another girl… but four girls, four weddings, four sweet 16s and four boyfriends."

WATCH: Inside Gordon Ramsay's family life with Tana

However, Tana revealed she lost their son shortly after Megan's 18th birthday. "A happy picture taken of us celebrating Megan’s 18th, I was just under 20 weeks pregnant. Little did we know, a few days later I would be holding our little boy Rocky - born with a strong heartbeat, but too little to survive. 

"Although it’s 7 years today, it still feels like yesterday. We all miss you everyday. We love you Rocky, forever in our hearts. I couldn’t do this without my family, you are all everything to me xxxxxxxx," she wrote next to an Instagram photo in July 2023.

Oscar Ramsay

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On New Year's Day in 2019, Gordon shared a video of his children each saying "Happy New Year!" to the camera before stating: "And guess what, Happy New Year because we’ve got another one coming!"

The camera panned to Tana's blossoming baby bump as his kids cheered and he jokingly exclaimed: "Oh my lord!"

Gordon and Tana Ramsay laughing© Richard Young/Shutterstock
Gordon and Tana welcomed son Oscar in 2019

Oscar Ramsay was born in April 2019, with Gordon sharing a photo of his newborn next to the message: "After 3 baftas and one Emmy... finally we have won an Oscar."

The couple revealed they were cautious to fall pregnant again, with Gordon telling the MailOnline: "I’ve never, ever felt as vulnerable as I did when my son Oscar was born." He added it became a "healing" experience for the family that helped them get "closure" following the trauma of losing Rocky.

Jesse Ramsay

Tana Ramsay holding a newborn baby close to her chest as Gordon Ramsay kisses the baby's head© Instagram
Gordon and Tana cuddled up to their newborn son

Their final child came as a shock to fans since they didn't announce they were expecting until after he was born! 

"What an amazing birthday present please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, 7lbs 10oz whopper!!" he penned as Tana held him in her arms while Gordon gave him a kiss on the head. 

He also revealed they were "done" with children, despite Tana previously stating she would have babies into her 70s. "One more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade!! 3 boys, 3 girls… Done," he added.

Meanwhile, Tana wrote on her own Instagram page: "It’s been a nerve-wracking 9 months but we’ve made it and we have been blessed with this little bundle."

Gordon had hinted at the pregnancy back in September, stating on the Dish podcast: "It's like going to school, going out for dinner in two buses. And secondly, I'm going to be the oldest [expletive] at school. 'Who's your grandad?'  And what about sports day? The egg and spoon race. What am I going to do? So, I'd love another one, but no."

The chef revealed back in 2021 that they were "contemplating" having another baby, adding that they were inspired to do so after welcoming baby Oscar.

"We discussed having another baby. I said it was a great idea," he said in an interview with The Mail’s You Magazine. "She said: 'Well, let’s start planning'. So I’m like: 'Oh my god, just pause for two seconds. I’m going to be the oldest dad at school, what’s going to happen on sports day?'

"But it’s something we’d still consider because it’s been such a joy spending time with Oscar."

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