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Natural alternatives to facelifts


Non-invasive anti-aging treatments have been popular for years but there is still some confusion about what actually gets rid of your wrinkles.From facial acupuncture to ultrasounds, HELLO! Online takes a look at six natural alternatives to face lifts...

Facial acupuncture

Traditional cosmetic surgeons will tell you that acupuncture won’t really make you look more youthful, but acupuncture specialist

Jean Pierre Cousin

says otherwise. "Acupuncture helps the circulation of blood and the distribution of fluids in the face, which rapidly gives a better glow to the skin and improves the general appearance," he said." Following the procedure, which involves the penetration of needles in to the skin at various points, skin should be smoother, with shallow lines often erased and a softening of deeper lines. I would expect to see some changes within two to three sessions."




system uses radioactive waves to induce collagen – and with virtually no pain. With constant gradual energy, heat builds up between the layer of skin and fat on your face leading to the collagen to contract and result in improved quality in the appearance of your skin. The treatment, which requires no recovery time and can be over in 45 minutes, is ideal for the delicate eye area and top lip lines.

Chemical peel

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments, chemical peels can remove layers of skin and help to remove age spots, acne and deep wrinkles. There are lots of different types of peel, and you should always discuss your options with a qualified doctor first. Two of the most popular include the glycolic peel, a mild peel that is recommended for freshening up dull and tired looking skin, or the salicylic peel which is best for oily or sensitive skin with fine lines or wrinkles, or undergoing acne treatment.

Ultherapy Ultherapy

uses ultrasound technology and our body’s own healing process to lift, tighten and tone the brow, neck and chin areas by directing sound waves through to the deeper layers of our face. The ultrasound stimulates these hard to treat areas which have deep structural support layers. Bear in mind that results can take some time and Ultherapy is quite pricey.

Facelift massage

As stress and tension affect our everyday lives, they can also affect our face causing a loss of muscle tone and elasticity. Mixed with Facelift massage is one of the cheaper options as well as the most gentle and relaxing of the non-invasive facelifts, which works by freeing the constrictions in facial muscles and in the tissues.


A non-invasive laser resurfacing of the skin,


claims to reverse the signs of aging, Fraxel is effective with several concerns that many of us have as we age, including wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring and sun damage. Fraxel treatments only target the specific problem area, and works by producing thousands of microscopic laser spots which eliminate old pigmented cells deep within the dermis.

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