Nicole Kidman says women in Hollywood are now 'lucky' to be able to age like men

We love the star's attitude!

Nicole Kidman is one of those stars who seems to be hitting milestone after milestone later on in her career. As well as starring in hit drama Big Little Lies alongside the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Kravitz, the Australian actress picked up her first-ever Screen Actors' Guild Award at age 50 for her portrayal of a domestic violence survivor in the show. In addition, she's working as a spokesperson for Neutrogena, hoping to change the conversation around women and anti-ageing. And the Moulin Rouge star is adamant that the Hollywood rulebook has now changed for women like her, and they can carry on winning great roles into older age – just like their male counterparts have for years.

Nicole picked up her first SAG award at age 50

She told US Glamour: "We're lucky that we can age – and still age really well – but all be open about it," before going on to shed some light on how new roles are opening up for older actresses. "I get to play older, I get to play younger, and I get to play my age," she explained. "Men always got to do that, and we're in a position now for women where we're trying to carve that path. It's still hard to convince [casting agents and producers] to [let us] do that, but it's a lot easier."

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The mum-of-four also said she believes it's possible to look your best as you grow older while still maintaining a healthy mindset, saying: "We can still look good, be healthy and vibrant and appealing. Nobody wants to look like you've had the life sucked out of you. I just say it's about gracefully ageing – because it can be fun!"

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The star has previously discussed how she wants to do away with the term "anti-ageing", saying: "It's not about taking away your ageing because ageing gives you wisdom!" We couldn't agree more!

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