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The difference between wearing your clothes and styling them into an outfit is paying attention to the details, including your jewellery

The stacked earring trend is about layering up earrings across multiple piercings and curating your own look. 

Whether you go intricate with small, minimal designs or more playful with layered hoops and sparkles, people are jumping on the trend as it allows you to be creative and show off your individuality.

Makeup muse Jamie Genevieve wears her ears stacked© @jamiegenevieve
Makeup muse Jamie Genevieve wears her ears stacked

Personalising your earrings is so popular that #earringstackingaesthetic has reached over 1.3 million views on TikTok and according to Emma Rance, piercing expert and director of Isha Body Jewellery, "In my studio, we've witnessed a significant interest in the stacked lobe trend. Its popularity is no surprise-it's incredibly versatile."

Although the age-old notion of 'less-is-more' is sometimes useful, (especially when it comes to makeup) the understated look is now considered well and truly outdated and layering your earrings is the perfect way to capture your unique personality, "Embracing the stacked lobe aesthetic not only elevates the visual appeal of earrings but also boosts the confidence of jewellery enthusiasts in showcasing their curated earring collections," says Emma. 

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Model Ashley Graham is a super stacker© @ashleygraham
Model Ashley Graham is a super stacker

How do you style multiple earrings?

Consider your proportions:

Don't just reach for your favourite pieces, look at what space you have available. According to Pandora's jewellery expert, Emma Fox, "Consider the proportions of your earrings in relation to your ear size and shape. Statement earrings can overpower smaller ears, while tiny studs may not stand out on larger ears. Aim for a balanced look that enhances your features." Considering the unique folds of your ears and size of your lopes should give you an idea of where jewels will look their most flattering.

How do you style multiple earrings?

Start from the bottom: 

For the most flattering curation of stacked earrings, Emma suggests adopting this layering technique. "When layering earrings, vary the placement along your earlobe and helix for a dynamic and balanced look. Begin with a focal point, such as a statement hoop or pearl stud at the lobe, and complement it with smaller earrings above to create a cohesive stack."

How do you make the perfect ear stack?

Keep it comfy:

"Keep comfort in mind when stacking earrings, especially if you'll be wearing them for extended periods," suggests Emma. "Opt for lightweight materials such as titanium or sterling silver that are gentle on the ears and less likely to cause strain, even when multiple earrings are stacked. Additionally, hypoallergenic materials such as stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, and platinum, reduce the risk of allergic reactions, making them suitable for individuals with sensitivities to certain metals."

How do you style a stacked lobe?

Balance it out:

Whether you have two piercings or your entire ear is covered, earring stacks look best when balanced. As a rule of thumb, keep larger or chunkier designs to 40% of your ear and fill the remaining 60% with dainty, minimal designs. 

"Seasoned stackers can experiment with various tones and silhouettes, incorporating colourful birthstones for a playful touch. Layering small hoops or huggies on the lobe can elevate any look, while chunky styles like heart-shaped hoops add a playful flair to evening ensembles," says Emma.

Zoe Kravitz makes earring stacking red-carpet appropriate© John Shearer
Zoe Kravitz makes earring stacking red-carpet appropriate

If you're new to multiple piercings there are some fantastic Instagram pages for stacked earring inspiration, including Maria Tash and Astrid & Miyu. It's a great idea to peruse these before stepping into the piercing shop so you have something to go off but of course, some piercing stores will offer a bespoke piercing service where experts will tell you what suits your ear shape. 

Bear in mind though that depending on how you heal, you should limit your piercings to three in one go. "Consider the body's healing capacity when getting a piercing," says Emma. "Unlike cuts or grazes that heal within days or weeks, piercings can take 3-12 months on average, depending on tissue type and location. It's advisable to limit healing piercings to three at most. Having more can overwhelm the body's healing process, resulting in redness, swelling, and potential unsightliness."