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It brings a joyous tear to my eye every time I see one of my favourite fashion content creators cooking up a fire ‘fit on my FYP. Whether it’s unboxing a new pair of boots, fashioning a DIY outfit from their childhood closet or just getting dressed for a regular day in the life, you name it, I watch it intently, taking down notes in my brain for my own outfits. 

If I were to share with you my weekly TikTok screen time (I’m not going to because I don’t have a problem until I admit to myself I have a problem) you would either be severely impressed or severely disgusted. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, you can rest assured that when it comes to what's trending on the Tok, I know my stuff. In particular, the fashion side of the algorithm. 

TikTok star Madeline White makes a top out of belts for a festival© Instagram / @madeleinecwhite
If you want to see how Madeline made this look, peep her TikTok...

If you’re still training your FYP algorithm to show you only the coolest of the cool content creators, then let me give it a helping hand and share with you 10 of my most saved and liked TikTok fashionistas that you should follow right now.

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Izzi is my Roman empire and I promise that's not an overstatement. If you’re bread and butter is luxury unboxings from brands you both wish you could afford and brands you’ve never heard of then Izzi is your go-to gal.


Replying to @Fips #greenscreen which is your fave?????

♬ original sound - IZZI


With 4.4m followers and counting, you can rest assured that Madeleine White is well respected in the fashion TikTok sphere. From her fast-paced GRWM content to her DIY Prada dress, you will find yourself watching for the content, and staying for her personality. Also, she recently got engaged which means we’re in for a big few months of engagement party get ready with me vids and the final boss fight- her wedding day.


Last fit of 2023 and were going out on a bang! (Except for new years obvi) if you need me i’ll be listening to the saltburn soundtrack #grwm #ootd

♬ original sound - Madeleine White


If you're not already following the seriously chic Sofia Richie Grainge then what are you doing? Known for sporting some of the most stylish 'fit's 2023 has ever seen, 2024 is about to follow suit and I can't wait. Take a deep dive into the BTS life of one of Hollywood's most famed faces and revel in the beauty that is her wardrobe. 


Let the fall outfits begin 🍁 @Stuart Weitzman

♬ sure thing - dstvd1736792


As one of the OG fashion and style moguls, Xenia Adonts has built up a cult fan following for reasons that need no explanation. Follow along as the influencer gets ready in an array of designer fits to attend luxury lunches, front-row fashion shows and date nights with the rich and famous.


All the cool girls follow Olivia Hirst and it will only take a few minutes to scroll through her page to see why. Queen of effortless street style that hybrids between gorp-core and Simone Rocha, Olivia is one of my go-to accounts for when I’m lacking outfit inspo.


Some of my favourite fits for 2024

♬ som original - Geração TV


Every time I see one of Anna’s videos on my feed, it instantly makes me want to go to my wardrobe and pick a whole new outfit. If you’re struggling with how to layer your wardrobe, Anna is exactly the source of inspiration you need. Watch out, her quirky style is wildly infectious.


One thing I love about the TikTok world is that you can live vicariously through some of the world's most elite creators. When I feel like shopping at a designer store or jet-setting to the South of France for a ski holiday, I head straight to Tamara Kalinic's page and pretend I'm right there with her.


Getting dressed for a @Gucci event! Excited as the (old) new boutique on Montenapoleone is reopened and im in one of my fav looks #gucci #guccibamboo #outfit #getreadywithme #getdressedwithme

♬ original sound - Tamara Kalinic


I’ll admit, I found Lindsay on TikTok after being a longtime follower on Instagram and just as I thought, the grass (content) is just as green on the other side. If you’re a fan of fashion girlies day in the life videos then Lindsay will have you wanting to quit your job, move to New York, buy a bunny and start a knitwear company. 


Another fashion lover that I originally found on Instagram is Michelle Li. Her TikTok account seems to be significantly more untamed than her usual IG posts, and for that, I love it so much more. The stylist, writer and influencer is a wealth of inspiration for all things fashion and beauty, often trying trends from catwalk shows, sharing her best vintage buys and even taking fans along with her to the dentist.


trying on new clothes in an attmept to reinspire myself to stop wearing the same pants two weeks in a row

♬ original sound - Michelle ☆ミ


If watching overly energetic videos with equally as vibrant music is your kryptonite then Luena is your gal. Her typical videos consist of her getting dressed in her super cute apartment, leaning into layering, frills, bows and prints. If you're wanting to elevate your style with any of the aforementioned, then Luena's page is the perfect stopping spot.