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It's been a glorious week for millennials growing up in the 2010s - Justin Bieber began performing live again after a two-year hiatus and  Miley Cyrus hard-launched her comeback by winning her first Grammy and wearing five outfits in the same night.

Now Posh and Becks have teamed up with legendary Friends duo Ross and Rachel, aka Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, for an iconic new commercial.

We've been waiting for the Uber Eats ad release ever since Victoria and David Beckham announced they'd be starring in a commercial for the 'Hockey Bowl' alongside "Jessica Aniston" in a hilarious video mocking themselves for the Super Bowl.

Victoria shared the full advert on her Instagram Stories which starts with Jennifer Aniston explaining: "In order to remember something, you've got to forget something else".

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In their cameo, the Beckhams are standing in a kitchen with David holding up a jar of 'spice', and Victoria cutting basil leaves. The two are in conversation trying to remember the name of Victoria's former band. "Remember when you used to be a pepper lady," David said, to which Victoria replied, "Wasn't it the cinnamon sisters?." The two then go back and forth with "the basil babes?" "the paprika girls?"

As hilarious as their ironic conversation was, the pièce de résistance for fashion fans was Victoria's T-shirt - a new addition to her iconic slogan tee roster, and it may be her best one yet.

For her latest commercial cameo, she wore blue jeans, a belt from her eponymous label and a white T-shirt tucked in that simply read "David's Wife".

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We know that Victoria's favourite fashion hack is to release a T-shirt and print one of her most iconic quotes on it. Following on from the "Fashion Stole My Smile" and "Smiling On The Inside" tops in her collection, she designed a "My Dad Had A Rolls Royce" piece after the segment from David's Netflix documentary, Beckham, went viral. Iconic behaviour.

Rounding off the video was a long-awaited acting reunion from David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, in which JenAn has 'forgotten' who her long term co-star is.

Will Victoria's T-shirt be yet another ironic slogan piece available to purchase? Watch this space...