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The Beckham family are in the spotlight more than ever this week after the release of the Netflix docu-series Beckham which delves deep into David Beckham’s seriously impressive career.

Victoria, who has been a part of David’s life since pretty much the beginning of her husband's professional career, features heavily throughout the episodes - a welcomed sight for sartorial fanatics.

We see a ton of outfits past and present from the style icon, and her personal story paints a picture of how her style is reflected in her personality. 

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Often people who choose minimalism do so to avoid standing out from the crowd, and Victoria admits that she was shy as a child: “I never found it as easy as the other girls to be that outgoing. I was always quite shy and was never the popular kid at school and I was actually bullied quite a lot and I would probably still be that way had I not met the girls. What the Spice Girls did was brought me out of me."

It was perhaps her newfound confidence in her singing heyday that left her brave enough to wear that iconic wedding dress, which if you’ve never seen it, will truly come as a shock.

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Still, Victoria explains that she was still inherently quieter than her bandmates: "We were on a mission to prove that girls are better than boys. I suppose what we created was a bit of a monster in the five of us really - we would jump on the tables… well, I didn’t jump on the tables, I was a little more sensible.” 

Regardless of the point during Victoria’s life, her sense of style has always remained the same: polished and elevated, sometimes playful and always well thought out - a reflection which we now see in her eponymous clothing line. 

Here are some of VB’s iconic looks from the documentary.

The first time she meets David

The first time she meets David© Netflix
The first time she meets David

March 1997 is the first time we see Victoria, who steps out at Old Trafford wearing a leather jacket and a khaki shirt. Minimalistic as always, leaving her buttons undone at the neckline is still he signature styling hack even to this day, showcasing her fashion prowess long before entering the industry.

The red leather jacket

The red leather jacket© Netflix
The red leather jacket

This playful jacket is iconic. A simple pairing of a plain black tee with a red jacket makes a statement without being too loud.

Maternity fashion

Maternity Fashion© Netflix
Maternity Fashion

Even during pregnancy Victoria's fashion was understated yet polished. When pregnant with Brooklyn she wore a sleeveless black midi dress.

The wedding outfit

The Wedding dress© Netflix
The wedding dress

One of the most iconic wedding looks in celebrity history. In the documentary, Victoria explains: “It was fun. How lovely to be that way when you just don’t really care? You just wanna express yourself, that was who we were” - perhaps this was a sartorial testament to the confidence she'd found in joining the Spice Girls.

The high-waisted jeans

The high waisted jeans© Netflix
The high waisted jeans

Fast forward to documentary filming and VB does what she does best: pairing high waisted trousers with a neutral-toned top and a gold buckle belt, which makes any laid back look more elevated.

The tidy shirt

The tucked white tee
The tucked white tee

Victoria wears her white shirt a few ways during the documentary, one of which is neatly tucked into a pair of jeans. As always, the buttons are undone to create a more daring yet effortlessly cool neckline.

The tucked-in jumper

The tucked jumper© Netflix
The tucked jumper

Tucking a jumper into jeans is sometimes a scary styling hack for some, for fear of an unflattering silhouette, but VB proves that pulling the jumper out slightly so that is more relaxed and rolling up the sleeves makes an excellent elevated yet laid-back cosy look.

The french tuck

The french tuck© Netflix
The french tuck

Parisian chic oozes from the designer who is a regular at Paris Fashion Weeks, and her oversized shirt styled with a French tuck makes a shirt and jeans combo interesting, She paired the look with tan-coloured loafers.

The pantaboots and hoodie

victoria beckham pantaboots and hoodie© Netflix
The pantaboots and hoodie

Pantaboots are another VB signature, which expresses the playful side of her minimalistic style agenda. Pairing with a black hoodie instead of her usual oversized blazer demonstrates how they can be worn for any ocassion.