Michelle Keegan reveals husband Mark Wright's bad habits around the house

The Brassic actress admitted she had got used to living on her own

Chloe Best

Michelle Keegan has opened up about her home life with husband Mark Wright, and it appears they’re just like any married couple, with disagreements about cleaning and emptying the dishwasher. The Brassic actress admitted she had got used to living on her own while Mark was working in Los Angeles, and said he has some bad habits that can irritate her during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Asked about whether they had got on each other’s nerves when they reunited after a four-month stint apart, Michelle said: "Yeah, you get so used to living on your own and doing your own thing. Little things… you like your house a certain way and he’d come in and he’d leave his underpants on the floor. I’m not a cleaner, I’m not going to move them, they’ll be there for five days and I don’t care, I’m not moving them."


Michelle Keegan has revealed Mark Wright's bad habits around the house

The 32-year-old also admitted emptying the dishwasher is one of her least favourite household chores, telling Jonathan: "I’m not going to do it every time it’s on – empty the dishwasher."

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Nonetheless, Michelle did say it had been "really tough" being apart from her husband for so long, while she filmed Our Girl in Los Angeles and he landed his role as a TV presenter in Los Angeles. "Thank god for FaceTime and things like that. You’re on a countdown the whole time to just get home. I had six months off when I went home, so I went to America," she explained.


Michelle said Mark will leave his underwear on the floor

Mark and Michelle are now enjoying spending much more time at home together after finishing their work abroad, and have settled back into the beautiful £2million home they own in Chigwell, Essex, which boasts six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and its own gym.

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See the full interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Saturday at 10:30pm on ITV.

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