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21 beautiful rainbow displays to put a smile on your face during coronavirus

A reminder that we're all in the battle against COVID-19 together

Updated: 22 March 2023
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vickykwilson a


The world is charting new territory everyday amid coronavirus but, despite facing its biggest pandemic, people are coming together to spread hope and kindness. From the USA to Australia, children and adults across the globe are lifting our spirits in the best way they can: by putting on rainbow displays. As a symbol of light after dark (a rainbow comes after a rainfall), they are painting, drawing and blowing-up balloons to create rainbows for the front of their houses, and the trend has since become a social media phenomenon with the hashtags #RainbowTrail and #ChaseTheRainbow. Here, we share some of the most beautiful displays, as a reminder that we truly are all in this together.

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In Tooting, London (above), one resident took the time to blow up balloons and decorate the entire front of their property. Since, several people have stopped during their daily outings to take photos of the home and, no doubt, left with a smile on their face. "Our street suddenly got a lot more cheerful in these not so cheery times," @vickykwilson wrote.

rainbow cake a


A bakery in Bradford created their own edible interpretation of rainbow displays with a mindblowing rainbow cake that now stands in the shop window. 

lecv a


Another family painted their front gate and wrote. "From our house to yours, stay positive, keep smiling."

fire rainbow a


Conception Bay South fire department in California painted the front of their fire station to create the effect of a rainbow. 

cardiff cottage a


In Cardiff, one resident painted a rainbow across their front door, and used the colours to frame their top window.

all things party events a


As well as paintings in the window, this person created a rainbow using balloons, complete with mini red hearts.

andrea elle ray a


Rainbow-striped garlands and a rainbow-coloured wreath offered an alternative, but beautiful, approach to the trend.

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andreamurrayphoto a


Harrods in London is also showing their support and, since closing, has covered the windows of the store with holographic rainbows.

brentwoodrainbow a


A block of flats came together to incorporate the whole building by hanging a rainbow balloon garland across its front.

coco de coop a


In Australia, residents decorated the side of a church by drawing a rainbow in chalk.

epping forest rainbow a


Balloons were also the method of choice for this family.

rainbowtrail a


The trend started with people showing rainbows in their windows, and this person used floral stickers to create theirs.



A school used colourful rags to tie on a fence and create the illusion of a rainbow. 

little family of exploreres a


One family covered their whole front window with a bright rainbow design.

christine andrew a


Christine Andrew in Salt Lake City, Utah, used chalk art to create this beautiful design. Apparently, it's as easy as taping down random lines and colouring in the secions. 

come down to the woods a


Renowned artists have also been doing their bit for the campaign. "This awesome banner is from @ingoodcompanyleeds It’s a project that has been the brainchild of @laurawelli and sees artists from across the UK collaborating on a campaign to bring joy, art and colour to the streets," said @comedowntothewoods. "So that people can spread positivity with art. This particular piece thanking all of our key worker superheroes is by @moragmyerscough."

comedowntothewoods a


Subtle decorations such as these paper rainbows from Paper Dreams still make a bold statement. The company is also donating £5 from any rainbow decoration sales to the NHS. 

elari events a


Elari Events are creating gorgeous garlands with a rainbow palette such as this beautiful pink, purple, green and blue design. 

erin summer a


From flowers to yellow window frames and all the rainbows, this house is guaranteed to brighten up the street.

manchester a


A family in Manchester attempted to create a rainbow using cut-outs of their hands, but ended up with hearts. "Realising that drawing around our hands and cutting them out was probably going to take forever, we ended up with hearts," @teenytinymiss wrote on Instagram. "Our contribution to the #rainbowtrail and hoping it raises a smile for those that need it." 

sarah jane maxine a


In New Cross, London, one family painted rainbows on paper and had them laminated for protection.

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