Princess Diana's bedrooms unveiled: see everywhere she stayed from childhood

Take a look inside her most private spaces

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Princess Diana was propelled into the spotlight when she married Prince Charles at the age of 20, but while her life was largely under public scrutiny, her bedrooms remained unseen. Now, an Instagram fan account for the People's Princess has given fans a look inside everywhere she stayed from childhood to her time as a royal in a series of photos.

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Swipe to view some pictures of Princess Diana's places: 1st pic: Diana with her friend Suzie Kassem in her apartment at Kensington palace, and we can see William's photo on the table 2nd pic: Diana's bedroom at her family's house 3rd pic: Diana's bedroom during the honeymoon 4th pic: Diana's bedroom in the royal yacht and we can see her pic with Charles on the table 5th pic: Inside Diana's apartment at Kensington palace, her sons photos cover the wall 6th pic: Diana's stuffed toys on the couch of her bedroom 7th pic: This is where the princess was styling her hair and wearing her makeup 8th pic: Diana's desk as she left it last time. We can see two tiny statues of Jesus and the Virgin, two clocks and several photos of William and Harry 9th pic: The hallway Last pic: Diana's dining room at Kensington palace اسحب الصورة لرؤية غرف الأميرة ديانا: أول صورة: ديانا مع صديقتها سوزي قاسم في القصر وتظهر صورة ويليام على الطاولة ثاني صورة: غرفة نوم ديانا في بيت أهلها ثالث صورة: غرفة نوم ديانا في شهر العسل رابع صورة: غرفة نوم ديانا في اليخت الملكي ونرى صورتها مع تشارلز على الطاولة بجانب السرير خامس صورة: في شقة ديانا في القصر، صور أبنائها تغطي الحائط سادس صورة: ألعاب الأميرة ديانا على كنبة في غرفة نومها في القصر سابع صورة: هنا كانت الأميرة تسرح شعرها وتضع الماكياج ثامن صورة: مكتب الأميرة كما تركته آخر مرة، يظهر تمثال صغير للمسيح وتمثال صغير للعذراء، ونرى ساعتين وصور ويليام وهاري تاسع صورة: من البهو المؤدي إلى شقة ديانا في القصر آخر صورة: غرفة الطعام في شقة ديانا في القصر #princessdiana #queenofhearts #peoplesprincess #الكويت #pic #picture #photo #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #instagram #instamood #instagood #instadaily #instapic #instapicture #instaphoto #royals #wales #uk #buckinghampalace #australia #tbt #love #الأميرة_ديانا #مصر #الامارات #childrensprincess #thechildrensprincess

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The first shows her bedroom at her family home, Althorp House in Northamptonshire. It was decorated with burgundy walls and white wainscoting, with a four poster bed, a large white fireplace and an enormous mirror and grand chandelier. The property is now owned and occupied by her brother Earl Charles Spencer.

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The next reveals Diana's bedroom that she shared with Prince Charles during their honeymoon cruise on the Royal Yacht Britannia in Gibraltar. It featured white walls and a large steel bed with white bed linen.

Diana also had a regular bedroom on the Royal Yacht Britannia, which she used for her usual stays on the boat. It has cream walls and two windows with floral curtains. There are two bedside tables, on one of which Diana kept a framed photo of herself and Prince Charles.

princess diana home kensington palace z

Princess Diana at home in Kensington Palace with Prince William and Prince Harry

Diana moved into Apartments 8 and 9 in Kensington Palace with Prince Charles after the couple tied the knot. She kept several framed photos of herself and her sons Prince William and Prince Harry hanging on one wall.

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She also had a yellow sofa holding countless soft toys which, no doubt, were for her sons.

Diana got ready in her bedroom with a dressing table at the window. It featured a glass top with two side lamps, an oval-shaped mirror and a wooden chair. She also displayed yet more portraits of her sons on one wall, as well as other pieces of artwork. The windows had green checked and floral curtains. 

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