Serena Williams' fans compare home to 'museum' in new video tour

Serena recently renovated her house with the help of sister Venus

Bridie Wilkins

Serena Williams recently renovated a new home in Florida alongside her sister Venus and her interior design company, V Starr, and a new video has given fans a look at two previously unseen areas: her art gallery and trophy room.

The footage was shared by Architectural Digest as Serena hosted a private tour, beginning with the art gallery which Serena explained was once intended as a living room.

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"Most homes have a formal living room," she said. "But I actually didn't want a living room. I love art and I love all kinds of artists and I find it really cool, so I was like what if I have a formal living room but instead of it being a living room, I have an art gallery."

She went on to point out her favourite pieces of art, including one which she had designed herself.

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serena williams art gallery z

Serena Williams' art gallery

"I do art," she said. "I paint, and I'm really kind of artsy, so this is a really cool piece."

serena williams art z

Serena has her own art on show

Next came her incredible trophy room. "So here are some of my trophies, and then some really cool pieces that mean a lot to me – this Wheaties box," Serena told Architectural Digest.

serena williams trophy room z

Serena Williams' trophy room

The space also holds her Wimbledon awards, including one smaller and one bigger trophy. "When you first win Wimbledon, you get like a small trophy, and then when it had been four or five years since I last won, I understood that they had moved it to the bigger one," Serena said as she showed them off.

As she headed out of the room, she was distracted by a second place trophy and she quipped: "I see a second place trophy, but I'm going to put that one in the trash, we don't keep second place trophies here."

Fans were quick to comment on the impressive spaces, with many comparing the house to a "museum".

"Definitely felt like an art museum which had some interesting pieces," one wrote. Another added, "It looks like a modern art museum," and a third concurred, "I notice that the houses of most celebrities nowadays look like a museum."

Nonetheless, Serena also has some seriously fun spaces elsewhere, including a private karaoke room which she has previously shown off on social media. 

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WATCH: Serena Williams films inside epic karaoke room



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