Your weekly horoscope revealed for 22 to 28 June

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While we continue life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you during this period of self-isolation, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


The period of time in between Sunday's solar eclipse and July 5th provides breakthrough and a definite resurgence of your dynamic self. Pivotal changes relating to your sense of ambition are in the works and as your fiery ruling planet Mars moves into Aries for a six month period from next Sunday you're game on.


Although Mercury is moving backwards in the heavens often leading to breakages of objects and plans, your ruling planet Venus is righting itself from Thursday. This should give a huge boost to relationships that have been battling stormy weather and bring back that sense of harmony in which you flourish.


Most Geminis will welcome Venus moving forward again in your sign from Thursday as it's been a challenge dealing with difficult people in recent weeks. Perhaps you've felt things have gone rather flat, or even had a change of heart regarding certain associations. Now you'll regain your capacity to look at things in the round and feel happier for it.


The recent solar eclipse in Cancer has begun a new cycle in your life and you're in a period of adjustment. Perhaps you're seeing more deeply into underlying factors in various situations. Even if you're feeling blindsided by a recent turn in events, there is more to unfold that will balance the picture.


You're having to fix things which means you're not able to move forward as quickly as you'd like. Besides, Mercury in retrograde motion signifies that nothing is happening in a hurry. However, the arrival of vibrant Mars into your fellow fire sign of Aries next Sunday is a signal that your future life is constellating and big strides forward will take place between now and the turn of the year.


Although you're moving into new connections, there are delays due to Mercury's backwards step. Take your time and assess the lay of the land. A one-to-one relationship is also under review and mixed feelings need to be taken on board. After all, true love is more about acceptance than judgment.


Heightened activity around relationships will be a theme until early next year. For some Librans this means that partnerships are infused with a dynamic driving force. For others, the sense of being chased or pushed by someone else interferes with the peacefulness you love so much. Whichever way, this is certainly no time to sit on the fence, but to give as good as you get.


Future plans are centre stage even if things look a little hazy at the moment. The universe has an intention for you to move into a larger arena, so think big even if the small details are not in place. Contracts and emotional attachments are receiving a boost from Venus turning around, so clarity reigns from Thursday. By the end of the month you'll have a much clearer idea of where you go from here.


On the one hand you're ready to go fast-forward and in touch with a magnificent vision of what you want to make happen. On the other, Mercury is retrograde and the eclipse season is revealing a less-than balanced set of finances. However on June 30th your ruler Jupiter will meet with the transformational planet Pluto and you'll find resources you didn't know you had.


This is a super-important period in your life and you're getting in touch with an inner truth that is more powerful than any outside force. The next two weeks set the stage for you to live in full accordance with your absolute priorities and values. You're the mountain climber, but you're also prepared to move them to make things happen.


Whilst you are busy holding things together and dealing with the every day issues, you can't help noticing that the universe is shifting the landscape behind-the-scenes. This is what is meant by forces beyond your control. The only thing that matters is how you use your free will to respond to them.


You can sense something of a sea-change in certain situations as your ruling planet Neptune stands still and begins to reverse through your sign. Perhaps you feel like backing off from direct involvement in a situation. Or just need some time and space to see what others are going to do. This is almost like a psychic game of poker so keep your cards close.

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