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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


You've been working towards something for quite some time. Facing set-backs and challenges with your usual assertive air. You simply won't let anything stand in your way. But ask yourself if you need to be so strident? Jupiter and Neptune are offering you a golden ticket this week. Don't be so confrontational you can't accept it.


You need an answer for those who speak loudest and are used to getting their own way. Yet it's not in shouting them down, but taking an entirely different tack. Jupiter and Neptune are opening up new possibilities which mean you don't have to engage in old battles. You could even leave those people far behind.


You find yourself in the midst of conflicting energies – one of your twins is downcast and the other super-optimistic. Learning to live with things that are less than ideal allows you to focus on your next promising steps. Letting go of what has disappointed you, frees you to magnetise a much more profitable, life-enhancing scenario.


Although Mercury in your own sign is in a spat with feisty Mars on Monday, you're also receiving green lights from the cosmos regarding a special person in your life and your future direction. How you connect and communicate this week is key and you find yourself in tricky territory. Yet you can be the bodhisattva too… how good is that?


You may perceive yourself to be on a knife edge and certainly this is a time to steady yourself amidst changes that are afoot. Yet, you can handle everything magnificently if you align yourself with the real opportunities that are waiting for you, rather than clinging onto the past or a pattern that is on its way out.


Being hyper-alert to any potential dangers creates a real state of inner tension. Instead you could anchor yourself in trust and concentrate on all the positives. Especially as this week has the potential to offer up expansion and goodwill. Even if things fail to reach 100%, the glass could be more than half full.


Striking a balance is exactly what you have to do in a week when certain people are acting out, yet you're catching a glimpse of a truly wonderful opening. Leave other people to their own reactions, and focus on your own vision. You're on your way to a greater level of personal happiness and fulfilment.


Few people realise that you have a deeply soulful nature, instead making an assumption that you are somehow 'tough'. Nothing could be further than the truth. You are resilient and powerful, yes. But your emotional sensitivity is at the root of everything. This week you get the chance to reveal the full scale of your emotional intelligence.


Getting into the flow state would serve you well in a week when your progressive ruling planet Jupiter is perfectly aligned with oceanic Neptune. Not forcing or pushing, but magnetizing the right people, offers and situations to come your way means changing your M.O. to a more receptive way of being. It will work.


You're the first to knuckle down and take on responsibilities. Yet the cosmos is placing Jupiter, planet of potential and expansion centre-stage in your life right now. What this means, is that for once you don't have to work so hard to achieve that miracle. It could simply land in your lap. And you deserve it!


Although Aquarius is associated with friends and groups, you have an independent side of you that quite simply doesn't need anyone else. Dipping into this is essential at the moment as all the answers lie within you, not in other people. Get into your inner life and discover what you really need to know.


Being part of something greater than yourself is turning out to be an enormous blessing. You get creative feeds, inspiration and opportunities that uplevel your plans to a whole new dimension. Look for the soul connections here, even if it seems to be within a mundane setting.

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