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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


For the past two months you've been labouring under Mars retrograde in your sign. It's laid down the gauntlet at every turn whilst putting your driving force on hold. However you'll get a spike of your old adrenaline when the love goddess Venus makes eyes at Mars on Monday and then the warrior planet itself marches forward at the end of the week.


You've been considering a new kind of life in improved territory and Thursday's pivotal meeting between generous Jupiter and powerful Pluto may give you the support, opening or wherewithal to make it happen. There's a definite link to a place that expands your horizons either mentally or physically. What's more, you're ready to get out of a rut.


If you believe in fate and destiny you have only to look back 19 years ago to see a pivotal intervention that put you on your path. Now you're at the cross-roads again. For many Geminis the direction depends on who's coming with you. You want your people in place. One big favour could come in on Thursday that sets you up.


If you've battened down the hatch of that Cancerian shell of yours then remember you're also shutting off valuable opportunities too. As Jupiter and Pluto meet in the relationship angle of your chart it really is worth remaining open to what someone has to offer or bring to your life. Defence keeps you stuck. Surely you'd like to move on?


Whilst you've been battling areas that seemingly have no answers, the lion in you has struggled to reign supreme. Yet Thursday delivers your joie de vivre and inner power back to levels not seen this year. You do, however, need to ask yourself exactly what kind of life you want to live and to make decisions that align you with that desire.


In amongst all the frustrations and endless question marks, you know that you have it in your power to decide to be happy. Embrace creativity, younger energy and playfulness and your worries have less space to take up. One simple switch from information overload to entertainment could bring back your sparkle.


Venus in Libra meets Mars in Aries – these twin planets of love and desire can produce anything from frisson to friction. Someone is bound to have a strong impact on you, enough to tip your scales towards a major personal development. Explore the realm of possibility, even if only in your head at this point.


The sheer magnificence of your ruler Pluto joining forces with benevolent Jupiter this week just goes to show that nothing can be ruled out in terms of a come-back, pivotal moment or re-birth. Whatever has been laid bare, or laid to waste you don't have to give up on starting a powerful new phase this month. Never underestimate a Scorpio!


You can't really look at what's happening without also re-winding 19 years – because these two points in your life are linked in terms of experiences you're having or have had with significant others. Besides which, Jupiter and Pluto are at a monumental meeting point this week which is extremely helpful in terms of getting things over the line.


When the going gets tough, Capricorn gets going. You're no shirker when it comes to dealing with problem areas and adversity. Yet Jupiter's golden presence now close to Pluto in your sign is promising you something of a get-out clause, a major leap forward, a stroke of luck, a return to Eden – or your version of bliss. It may not happen straight away, but you are definitely On Your Way!


If you've felt unable to make even the simplest of decisions due to flawed information in recent weeks, you'll be surprised at a rescue package which is being made available. Call it karma, but it's certainly not all bad. Besides, you're heading into the final part of 2020 which hands you all the cards as Jupiter and Saturn will move to Aquarius in December and the old game is over.


The arrival of Ceres into your chart on Monday is a sign that there's something to be shared that could re-package you as part of a team. It's been a long old haul and you've been swimming upriver for months. But Mars will start moving forward again at the end of this week and you'll find the current is with you.

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