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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


As the end of October draws close you have a number of considerations – financial and personal that need looking at. In your usual style you'd intuitively sense which way to go and seize the moment. Yet, a Full Moon on the 31st positioned near to change-maker Uranus suggests you're dealing with factors that turn on a dime.


The slow and steady bull may be in for an unexpected charge as the Full Moon in Taurus breaks the mould on Saturday. Uranus is a provocateur and positioned ultra-close to the Full Moon produces a volatile energy which could be exciting and/or disruptive. So be prepared for things to happen in a whoosh.


Even if you think you know everything there is to know about a situation, chances are that new and revealing truths are coming to light towards the Full Moon energy at the end of the week. You could tap into your own personal realisation or receive a newsflash that changes your perception. Either way your thoughts will be re-organised.


Whilst you are primarily risk averse there could be a temptation that arises around the Halloween Full Moon or perhaps you find other people are taking the radical route. As Mercury remains in retrograde it's still important to think twice about the wisdom of taking various actions.


Throwing caution to the wind is often the signature of the wild-child planet Uranus which is positioned so close to Saturday's Full Moon. You could see things reaching a tipping point and are tempted to make an extreme or hasty decision. However, this may not be the right time as your feelings are colouring your judgment.


To say the smooth flow of life is interrupted may be an understatement, especially as you get close to an overloaded Full Moon which is joined to ground-breaking Uranus. A situation is quite fragile or fractured things, so this is not the time to push through or expect them to work as usual. Stay alert to trick or treat territory: it could be either.


Mercury, the messenger planet is returning to your sign in retrograde – providing an interesting twist to your tale. You'll find out more than you ever thought possible over the next few weeks. In other news – finances require you to think outside of the box. What new arrangements could you negotiate?


There's an air of urgency around Saturday's Full Moon which stands next to radical activator Uranus. This could be exciting if you'd like to get out of a rut, but a challenge for those Scorpios wishing to stay inside their comfort zone! It's the opening of the aeroplane door for a sky-dive – emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Perhaps you already think 2020 has been a wild ride. Maybe part of the challenge has involved restrictions to your inherently spontaneous nature and the urge to release it. So, the volatile nature of Saturday's Full Moon is bound to take you close to the edge – a place where you must consider the wise thing to do.


Being cautious by nature, you dislike having to deal with sudden events and surprises. Yet this is exactly what you're experiencing as next Saturday's Full Moon sets off a flurry of unexpected developments. Maybe in your case it really does take a sledge-hammer to crack a nut in order to liberate you from the old pattern.


You are not one for the slow burn and much prefer the lightning bolts that accompany sudden turns of events. There's something about the electricity in the air this week that has you on tenterhooks and able to respond in the moment to what's coming out of the blue.


Your intuition is so well developed you normally get a feel for things well in advance. Yet the nature of Uranus is surprise – and therefore you could be thrown by what transpires in the blink of an eye around the time of Saturday's Full Moon. News flashes, U-turns and unexpected developments send you scurrying for alternatives.

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