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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The Midas touch returns as the Sun and Mercury move to occupy the money angles of your chart on Monday. All that glitters may not be gold, but you're on the case for finding new revenue streams and places where your talents will shine. The next fortnight will throw up some interesting angles.


As the Sun and Mercury arrive in your sign on Monday joining with Venus and Uranus you're pretty much the flavour of mid to late April. Initially, you're sounding out ideas, but these quickly turn into very real options that have life-changing potential. Are you brave enough to follow through?


The action planet Mars has been in Gemini since early March giving you a never-ending juggling act. As you move into the final week of his visit you realise that things have to land. All the talk can be non-productive. How can you take your ideas to the next level and manifest something worth having?


For all your desire to get on with things, it can't really happen until go-getting Mars moves into Cancer Friday 23rd. From then on, you're pushing things forward and determined to get long awaited results. Synchronistically, there are those within your immediate circle who are about to offer the breakthrough you need.


You're experiencing a time when everyone expects a lot of you, but on some level you'd prefer to lie low. Whilst Mars traverses the most reflective sector of your skies this is an excellent strategy and you'll be ready to pounce on opportunities when this most ambitious of planets enters Leo on June 11.


You do adore a routine, yet itchy feet are now impossible to ignore. Somehow you have to get yourself away from your daily activities and cast your net wider. Interestingly, things are being discussed that both intrigue and amaze you. They are definitely worth exploring, if only to break the stagnation.


Financial discussions enable you to see how things work, yet you sense that the next few weeks will bring radical change that either requires your input or even an exit strategy. As you are a sign that likes harmony, the current instability does not suit you very well. Less drama, more flow would be your preferred option.


As a pile up of planets in your opposite sign of Taurus draw your attention to the impact others are having on your life you feel as if you're being constantly kept on your toes. Whilst you're happy to discuss the dynamics of a partnership or connection, others want things on their terms. Yet the Scorpio Full Moon puts the ball in your court on the 27th.


If a particular system is at breaking point you're perfectly willing to think again. In fact, you've long felt that you were operating on borrowed time in one particular set-up and late April gives you the perfect opportunity to turn things around. The question is – who is going to be first with the news.


Stepping into the second half of April you feel ready to start truly living again. There's a lighter touch that allows you to relax your guard. Yet as active Mars arrives into the relationship angle of your chart on Friday for an extended stay, relationships are about to enter the most dynamic phase of the year.


You are no stranger to feeling restless. Yet you're experiencing a new level of it that requires action. It really is time to shake things up and question the status quo. Those close to you recognise that the only way to keep you is to set you free. In fact, you maintain other people's interest by dint of being uniquely you.


In just a few weeks the generous planet Jupiter will enter Pisces for the first time in 11 years, giving you an uplift that will permeate many areas of your life. Until then, look on all the discussions you're having as paving the way for a major download of opportunities that will make it a Summer to remember.

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