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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


If you find yourself caught up in a whirlwind it could be that you're feeling especially sensitive to the influence of the pink supermoon and the high octane fusion of the Sun with radical Uranus. It's a great time to make those changes you've been thinking of. However, don't be surprised if someone else calls the shots and you find yourself running to catch up.


The presence of lightning bolt Uranus in your sign sometimes strikes out of the blue. This is one of those weeks when a build-up of tension has to be released. Holding on takes so much more effort than letting go, you will probably find yourself wondering why on earth you didn't express yourself before. Besides, the Scorpio supermoon means your message is received loud and clear.


It's not like you to take a back seat and simply observe. Yet this is exactly what you feel like doing. No bad thing as you'll find that other people are more than willing to make things happen and take the initiative. A break with the past is necessary and you won't have to be the one who breaks the news!


You could find yourself at odds with those whose priorities are very different from your own this week. Perhaps you feel they've changed. Or you have. Nevertheless, it's important to try and find a workable solution that preserves something of how things used to be, whilst allowing room for the new to grow. You are the one with the emotional intelligence to manifest this.


One of your great flashes of inspiration is upon you and of course you wish to see it take shape in your own inimitable style. Yet Saturn's presence in the relationship angle of your chart requires you to keep your feet on the ground. Perhaps you have someone in your life who acts as the practical sounding board. You can listen and still do your own thing.


Much as you would prefer to take small steps towards your goals, you find others are up for more extreme measures and are adopting a now or never approach. Most probably they simply need to get their views off their chest and having voiced their frustrations will see sense. How many times have you responded to their emergencies only to find it was a lot of hot air?


You find yourself on a very steep learning curve that is taking you out of your comfort zone when it comes to the way you work or habitually live your life. It's a shock to the system, yet it offers you a chance to see things differently. Maybe you will decide it's not for you. But even so, it's an opportunity to see what other options you have.


The Scorpio supermoon is bound to raise your emotional temperature this week. Coupled with the Sun's frisson and fusion with change-maker Uranus in the relationship angle of your chart, you're likely to find yourself in the midst of intense exchanges. Someone is asking you to drop your pre-conceptions and live entirely in the moment. Are you ready?


Disruptive as this week's aspects are, you're able to visualise doing things differently so you have an open mind. This will stand you in good stead, as the upshot of it all is that certain elements of your life are past their sell-by-date and it's time to upgrade and make those interventions. If you are honest with yourself, you know this has been a long time coming.


You dislike being wrong-footed by surprises. Yet of course, life is strewn with the unexpected so you know you have to embrace the unavoidable. What's important is that you maintain your inner base of security so that whatever is going on cannot de-stabilise the rock-like security you have as an inner core. Once you get this principle, you recognise you have everything you need inside you.


You feel the moment has come to present something to the outside world, to lay it on the line or make it public in some way. Almost as if the act of doing so makes it more real to you rather than an idea that exists in your head. What surprises you is the reaction you get. Almost as if once again you have your finger on the zeitgeist.


Usually you'd play down any wild impulses you may have, yet you can't help feeling that it's better to be true to yourself rather than conform to other people's expectations. This doesn't mean you're going crazily out of control. But you have the capacity to entertain what's outside of the norm and keep things fresh.

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