Your weekly horoscope revealed for 3 to 9 May

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


There's a resurgence of confidence later in the week after you've made a huge effort to put things to rights. As always Aries, you're the one who kickstarts new enthusiasm even amongst those who have got wrapped up in what's gone wrong.


Having experienced the Uranian shock-waves pulsing across the Sun in Taurus, you know the most important thing is getting back down to earth. So you'll find solace in getting stuck into something of a practical nature that anchors you in the here and now. Keeping things simple soothes your soul.


Now is the time to apply yourself to something you've been putting off. If only to clear the decks so that you can enjoy the full brilliance of Mercury and Venus in your sign for the rest of this month. You're certainly full of bright ideas, but make room for them to manifest by clearing up some unfinished business.


You might be feeling that all your efforts to help someone go unappreciated. Perhaps you've been caught in a loop of onerous responsibilities that need to be re-distributed. Getting rid of thankless tasks will free you up to enjoy being around those who think the world of you.


Knuckling down to some of your less-than-glamorous tasks is literally a case of needs must when the Sun crosses the path of Saturn, the planet of reality checks. Yet ticking these things off your list is an accomplishment that takes you a step closer to achieving the grander visions that inspire you.


With both Mercury and Venus arriving into prime position at the top of your chart, you’re all set for a period of interesting exchanges, ideas and connections. This is a great time to present what you have in mind and make some long-term agreements. All a result of your efforts to date which have reached a positive tipping point.


You're dealing with other people's expectations which seem to require more than your fair share of input. However, some clever negotiation on your part should result in a better collaboration. Keep things light but make it clear that you're no push-over. After all your future is as important as anyone else's.


You can choose to get stuck in what doesn't work between you and a certain person, or tap into the transformative energy of your powerful ruling planet Pluto and find a way to take things to the next level. If you are a typical Scorpio you’ll see the challenge as an opportunity to turn things around.


Your people skills are being activated by the arrival of both Mercury and Venus into the relationship angle of your chart. Having felt tied up with tasks that don't really interest you, it's a release to get back into the flow of inspiration and adventure. It's a win-win for you and others.


You're always very good at spotting those times when Saturn requires you to step up to the plate. So a little extra hard work or serious thought around your financial set-up is something you can apply yourself to with the minimum of fuss. Yet, the stars are also offering compelling reasons to appreciate and come closer to those who really are your stalwart supporters.


Saturn's presence in your sign is making itself felt which asks you to give yourself a reality check. Not that you're losing the plot, but this heavy-weight planet spells duty and responsibility rather than fun and games. The effort you make now will be stored in the bank of good karma which pays dividends after the challenge is over.


As your symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions always provides a duality to your nature, you're in tune with these times when Saturn and Uranus are creating a great push and pull. On the one hand, you feel you should hang in there, whilst on the other, there's a great desire to cut loose. No right answer!

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