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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Summer Solstice gives you an energy pulse which lights up your entire system and the Full Moon activating pole position in your chart on Thursday asks you to go that extra mile for your goals and ambitions. This is a crunch time for deciding what is worth pursuing and what to leave behind.


Having been at the mercy of Mercury retrograde's mixed messages for the past few weeks you're looking forward to getting something straightened out. Midweek offers you the chance to get to the heart of it and make a commitment to a future plan. Perhaps someone needs to know that whilst you are indeed patient, you are not immune from the effects of inconvenience.


Whilst Mercury has been in its spin cycle in your own sign over the past several weeks you've had to adapt and adjust to its machinations. On Tuesday this planet comes back on-line and you begin to get in the flow again, feeling positive about where things are heading. Just make room for the intensity of Thursday's Full Moon which could reveal someone's real agenda.


The Sun's entry into Cancer at Summer Solstice recharges your confidence and energy but it's not long before the upcoming Full Moon on Thursday draws your attention to what's happening in close connections and interactions. It could be a moment to talk more openly about how you feel things are between you.


You are currently in the prep time before Leo season begins in July. Right now you've got a lot on your plate that needs to be sorted out. The time has come to make a decision about how you want things to work in the future and whatever has been a cause of tension can be vanquished with that clarity.


Virgos in particular tend to feel out of sorts when Mercury is retrograde, so Tuesday's change of direction is a welcome sign that your world will be put to rights. As you get back to business there are of course big decisions that require your attention. Yet they seem easier to make because either the writing is on the wall or the lights are green.


This week is a going to be key in terms of putting yourself on the map at work or redressing anything that has gone awry on the home front. As a Libra you give so much to others that you can get swept up in meeting their needs. Yet you're at a cross-roads which requires you to decide what is absolutely the right thing to do. For you.


You're not one for putting out every thought or opinion. Yet you know you've got something important to say and now is the time to say it. For all the criss-cross of information that has swirled around the Mercury retrograde cycle, you're the one who can make sense of it all and give the most insightful advice.


A Full Moon in the financial sector of your skies suggests the need to think carefully before signing off on a deal or arrangement. Not that you should put it on hold indefinitely. Just that you do need to know what you're getting yourself into rather than galloping over the small-print.


Really good relationships thrive even after challenges and you've come to realise that an important someone is still there with you in a friendship, business or personal sense and you've come through a lot together. As Thursday's Full Moon in Capricorn is likely to bring your feelings up to the surface, it would be a good time to show them.


If someone has you on the back-foot you might find this week's Full Moon encourages that Aquarian thing of wanting to be alone. Nothing wrong with it – in fact, you'd do well to give yourself some time and space. Before this month is out, Venus will move into the relationship angle of your chart giving you a chance to repair any damage.


You're more aware than ever of how certain people bring out the feel-good-factor, whilst others suck the oxygen out of the room. As Thursday's Full Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn you're needing to establish better boundaries and remind yourself about making choices rather than just going with the flow.

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