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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


As the tension mounts this week you feel fit to burst in your desire to break free from all that is holding you back. It's tempting to overthrow the status quo and do it your way, yet the consequences need to be taken into account. Undoubtedly, you've been putting up with a lot. But burning bridges now should only be a last resort.


The sparks are flying all around, igniting feelings that need to be expressed. Of course, you have a reputation to preserve as the one who promotes stability. Yet, even a Taurus needs to look at new angles every now and again. You're allowed to ring the changes, particularly if the way things are is no longer tenable.


This is a pivotal week for seeing exactly where the sticking points are and staging an intervention. Action needs to be taken, even if it puts you at odds with those who resist any form of change. Gemini is always one to come up with ideas so you can pique their curiosity. Perhaps some free enterprise is what they needed all along.


Even though your natural tendency is to cling onto the past with your pincers, piling up your memory bank and remaining attached to things that are long past their sell-by-date, you realise something has to give. It is actually much harder work to hold on than it is to let go. As you will discover with relief in the coming week.


You're certainly in the hot seat this week as Mars in Leo confronts both rule-maker Saturn and rule-breaker Uranus. You find yourself veering between both sides of the spectrum and need to find a middle ground that doesn’t spark off a resistant force. It's not easy, but it's do-able if you're a born-to-lead lion.


Even a fastidious Virgo can have a blind spot. It's likely to surface this week as you scramble to fix and sort something that has been silently developing in the background. Moments of truth convey an absolute sense of priority, plunging you into the work that needs to be done. Or the need to dispense and dispose of it.


In the midst of opposing forces you are usually able to strike a compromise. Yet the tension between those that take a hard line and the electrical power surge that wants out of the old system requires all your diplomatic skills. Finding the middle ground is a tall order, yet as you see the argument for both sides it’s vital you remain neutral.


Being pulled in different directions creates a stretch that may not feel comfortable: in fact the challenge feels like resistance training! However, the upshot is a greater capacity to respond and triumph against the odds. It's only when you're put to the test that you realise the great power and potential you have.


Conforming to the tried and tested is hardly your style, yet you're being asked to rein yourself in when Mars meets the stern Saturn on Thursday. Putting your enormously adventurous self on hold is frustrating and in response you're likely to take off like a rocket as soon as possible. Your actions could create quite a stir.


Standing back and assessing what's necessary is important when you're really operating in a tight space. You're getting through simply by doing what needs to be done. Yet a disruptive energy threatens to overturn the existing status quo next weekend. Be prepared to react at lightning speed.


Saturn's tendency is to cramp your innovative style and you could find yourself at loggerheads with someone who thinks along different lines. You can spot the way out of all this, but is it wise to make a radical move and run the risk of cutting an important chord? Take your time in making an informed decision.


There is a stop-go feel to the coming week which highlights the tension between taking a risk and holding ground. You've known things have needed to change for a while and in your Piscean way you seek to embrace the new whilst creating as few waves as possible. Miraculously you find the give in a situation which seemed stuck.

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