Your weekly horoscope revealed for 2 to 8 August

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Even if there's a bit of pushback early in the week you're on something of a roll when it comes to shaking things up. You are, after all, the protagonist in your latest challenge – and you need to give it all you've got. Let your creative spark light the way for others to follow.


You are hardly the type of person who acts out without any consideration for the effect on other people. So when you decide to do your own thing and do it differently, it's after a lot of thought. Being you these days requires more than just going through the motions, but living each day as if it counts.


There will always be those who dwell on the negatives of every situation, but you are not one of them. Now, more than ever, you need to embrace the potential that you see, the opportunities that are being presented. Don't get reeled back in. Set yourself free.


The see-saw effect between Saturn and Uranus can cause mood swings. Yet you need to move with the shift and release your reluctance and resistance. You can experience life differently when you are willing to change yourself. It could all turn out much better than you ever imagined!


There could be an unexpected item in your bagging area this week! Put it down to the intervention of wild card Uranus which specialises in the little twists that keep life exciting. Sunday's New Moon in Leo is your opportunity to re-calibrate and upgrade.


In the run-up to next Sunday's New Moon in Leo you need cat's eyes to see in the dark. Pick your way through the potential obstacles and hazards, removing them one by one. You are clearing a path that will open up new vistas from the spectacular Blue Moon on the 29th.


An element of spontaneity can be a good thing, allowing you an energy rush that revives your personal life force. So be the instigator, rather than the moderator. You'll be surprised that it suits you rather well and releases what's been pent up inside.


Chasing success sometimes means hanging in there, other times pushing the envelope. You've experienced both sides of the coin. Yet the whole concept of what you want to achieve in life is changing. This is your moment to pursue what really matters beyond all else.


Uranus can land you in it, but also free you from the old order. You're no stranger to the idea of changing with the times but seeing around corners requires new skills! Of all the signs you can swiftly find your feet in new territory.


The stop-go energy of the current cosmos can feel de-stabilising. But only if you expect things to always stay the same. Remain curious about what lies ahead without trying to second guess it and you can travel light and avoid getting stuck in old attachments.


Saturn in your sign can feel like a punctuation mark that adds emphasis and significance to what's going on. You're living through a cycle of time that defines what is past and what will be your future. Fortunately, you've always enjoyed the thrill of the new – and here it comes.


Swimming away from the shoal and doing your own thing is necessary in these current times of upheaval and change. It's your cue to be a stand-out. It doesn't mean you've taken leave of your senses, rather that you have your own values, needs and opinions.

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