Your weekly horoscope revealed for 13 to 19 September

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


It may come as a surprise to you that others will take the lead over the next several weeks. It doesn't mean you've lost your touch for assertive action, but you need to find room to become a dynamic duo rather than going on ahead. Give them a chance to express themselves.


You are fundamentally a realist so you're having no truck with some of the stories that are spinning around you. In fact, as Venus is due to face Saturn towards the end of the week you're likely to hold someone to account for their inaction. Seeing things as they are rather than how you wish them to be is your strength.


It's easy to spot the weakest link this week and you must take steps to fix it. Saturn insists that you blitz something and apply yourself to what needs to be done. There is in fact, a relief in knowing that you're dealing with reality rather than wishful thinking and taking control.


A lot of energy and activity is constellated around your home and personal life until late October. You're having an opportunity to get stuck into your nesting instinct and other areas of family or self -development. Where things have unravelled you're feeling the need to intervene. Your pincers can be useful!


You're having to constantly check the facts and figures these days but this is no bad thing as the goal posts are frequently moving. Keep yourself informed and able to respond in the moment. There are some karmic chords that need to be snipped with a particular person towards the end of the week.


The reality of a situation is dawning on you. Not that you ever had your head in the clouds, but you can clearly see what's impossible and where you need to take a firmer grip. As Mars moves to the financial angle of your chart the early Autumn is a dynamic earning period. Don't be distracted.


The opportunity to shift up a gear comes with Mars, the action planet, entering Libra on Wednesday and remaining with you until late October. Strike whilst the iron is hot as late September moves Mercury retrograde in your sign and you could find yourself wanting to push forward in the midst of delays. The time is now!


Venus in Scorpio is having a run-in with sensible Saturn late this week so you're needing to take a less starry-eyed approach to relationships and get real about when to hold on and when to let go. Being pragmatic is anchoring and stabilising. A case of needs must.


There is undoubtedly something that is dysfunctional at this point, be it a relationship or a situation as Neptune has been an eroding and dissolving force even though you believed that things would work out in the end. Take a good long look in the cold light of day. Then do what you know needs to be done.


Living in a bubble of special effects is not for you. You prefer the reality of knowing exactly where you stand. This is why you may have to call someone out when things don't add up and be the truth teller that you are. Saturn will help you make everything fit for purpose and sort it out.


Despite the messes and muddles in the world you're currently in the mood to put things straight in your own life. Saturn's practical energy helps you keep your feet on the ground and to do some heavy lifting. A relationship has also reached a stage of critical thinking about where you go from here.


You are still in a quandary over whether to let go or stay. The juxtaposition of conflicting energies makes it even harder to know which is the right thing to do. However, your intuition rarely lets you down and it seems this is your best navigation tool. Later in the week you should find events speak for themselves.

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