Weekly horoscope: 10 to 16 January 2022

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A sensitive issue is surfacing which requires a generous amount of empathy and understanding. You are essentially a 'can do' person, but this is not the time to ride roughshod over a delicate terrain. As Mercury begins its retrograde cycle on Thursday be as flexible as possible.


Disruptions to plans are part and parcel of Mercury retrograde coupled with Neptune's misty influence. Remain unruffled and concentrate on your long term plans which are bursting with potential. This is all about positioning yourself above the fray and being cool, calm and collected.


Arrangements are in flux as Mercury retrogrades so build in extra wiggle room for all that you plan to do. One person in particular may not be able to deliver what you want and it's a time of adjustment. However next weekend's intense flavour gets you thinking about how to pull off a master stroke for your finances and fortunes.


In the run-up to the Cancer Full Moon on the 17th you might be getting cold feet about an arrangement that isn't working for you. On the other hand, the Sun will meet the transformation planet Pluto next Sunday and you'll recognise that you've been giving your power away and can claim it back.


There may be u-turns or changes around on-going discussions with major players in your life but never underestimate the sheer force of your personality to pull things together. Don't get overly distracted by other people's whims. Focus instead on what you need to do for yourself.


Whilst you deal with all the shenanigans of Mercury retrograde and the dissolving effects of Neptune you've got a lot to sort through. However, the main action is Sunday's intense meeting with Pluto which shines a spotlight on how you've allowed all the things on your to-do list to take priority over your personal happiness. This can be changed!


It's hard to understand what someone means when they are being obtuse or are themselves uncertain or in denial of the facts. But the truth will out eventually so save your energy for those things that lift your spirits rather than squash them. Next weekend is a vital time to re-form or re-jig your home to be the safe haven from which you flourish.


Facts and figures are in the frame this week as you are either getting your calculator out or questioning what's what. Your Scorpio depth turns up trumps next weekend when the Sun meets your powerful ruling planet Pluto and your gut instincts are verified. No technology is capable of the intel your own intuition provides!


It's not like you to be unsure of what to do next. But if in doubt do nowt as the saying goes and especially while Mars in your sign is encountering the chaos effect of Neptune. It will dissipate shortly but Mercury is in retrograde so this is an amber rather than a green light situation. Whilst you wait important information will be revealed.


Dealing with the spin cycle of Mercury and Venus retrograde is one thing but you have something much bigger going on as the Sun meets with Pluto in Capricorn next weekend. You'll see that people's questionable behaviour or the malfunctions that arise are not as important as your capacity to rise above.


Perhaps there are 'problems in the bagging area' as Mercury stalls and then reverses through your sign, however small inconveniences are nothing compared to the higher perspective you can gain at this time. Whatever disruptions you encounter between now and early February are designed to prompt flashes of inspiration.


If you find yourself zoning out in the coming days it would hardly be surprising as the cosmic influences are all soft focus. Allowing your mind to wander might not be such a bad thing in terms of creative insights. Next weekend you're jolted back into the here and now and are required to be present for someone or something that truly matters.

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