Weekly horoscope: 3 to 9 January 2022

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Laying low is not your favoured modus operandi yet you can't hurry things when you're in a retrograde cosmic climate during January. Focus on getting goals prepared and organised. Attend to breaking any negative links with last year so that nothing clutters your plan for a grand future.


Although some hard-to-manage currents have been running through your life, Monday's superb alliance between Venus and Neptune puts you back into the realm of peace and inspiration. From this perspective you draw great waves of uplifting energy and it’s easier to see how you can create your own reality.


You might want to reconsider a business plan or joint venture as the year opens to a fresh start. There is an appeal in going after what you love, appreciate and value as you are automatically placed in a positive quantum field that generates infinite, expansive waves of energy.


Sustaining your soul with what you love is essential to avoid the grumps of Pluto's placement where it intermittently snarls at you. You need magic, enchantment and special effects. Any kind of creative environment works wonders, enabling you to dissolve difficult energy.


Approaching the New Year in a relaxed state is actually better than trying to hit the ground running. There are plenty of people to catch up on, thoughts and ideas to exchange and muse over. Areas of your life or lifestyle that could do with a bit of inspiration. You need to get into the flow.


Your precise, perfectionist tendencies are being challenged as the year turns and Venus is retrograding, placing more emphasis on intuition rather than clear-cut answers. Can you move from being solution-oriented to believing and trusting that everything is going to unfold in the way it is meant to be?


A new Moon in the most personal angle of your chart suggests that you're ready to turn over a new leaf regarding how, where or with whom you live. This isn't going to happen overnight but you are ready to consider new options. This week's romantic link between Venus and Neptune softens a stuck situation.


Your ideas and views are much in demand as the year turns, particularly those of a creative or inspired nature. In fact, you may be resurrecting something that you thought about a long time ago as someone is open and ready to engage with it. This is the moment of connection you've been waiting for.


The price or pricelessness of what you value is very much centre stage in this early part of the year. You're looking at ways you invest your time, energy, skills and talents and whether it really works for you. There are new options coming which will tweak your system.


You might feel one step forwards and one step backwards as the recent New Moon initiated an urge to get going whilst Venus retrograde has you processing the past. You can do both as long as you're not in a hurry. Besides, there is something delicious about savouring what really matters to you at this point.


As the communication planet Mercury has just arrived in your sign you're downloading many innovative ideas that could re-brand you in some way or re-vitalise how you look and feel. In the meantime, gently does it as Venus and Neptune take you into the dreamy, otherworldly domain of creativity and soul connection.


You normally operate an open door policy as far as friendships are concerned yet the recent New Moon is urging you to re-think who gets in and to make space for those more on your wave length. As Venus nestles with Neptune this week there is something heart-warming and uplifting about feeling connected to very special people.

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