What 2022 has in store for you according to your star sign

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It's a new year which means it's time to find out what 2022 has in store for your star sign. Princess Diana's astrologer and celebrity astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, reveals all.


Your destiny point moves to accent all your talents and entrepreneurial gifts from mid- January through 2022 so this is the perfect year to initiate and activate all that you wish to manifest. May to late October brings confidence boosting Jupiter to your sign, enhancing your blessings and personal happiness.


2022 denotes a new 19-year cycle, closing out on where you were in 2003/4. Think big and brave about your capacity to make an exciting fresh start and revitalise your life. Embrace the opportunity to re-invent yourself. Late May to late July is an especially heart-warming and pro-active period.


The promise and potential of Jupiter on your midheaven up until May and again towards the end of the year puts your star in the ascendant for furthering your goals and aspirations. You have new options and new directions. From August 20th onwards Mars in Gemini raises your can-do attitude – go get until end of October. Then review.


2022 puts you on the map in a new way. Plan your adventures and from May 10th until late October your name, profile, job title and/or personal goals receive all-star blessings. A new cycle of personal fulfilment is linked to your network of friends or associates. Release the hangers on in favour of the life enhancers. Mid-July to-mid August is your va va voom Venus time!


If January is a slow start you make up for it in February and March with a burst of celestial activity that creates magnificent manifesting energy for you personally and in the world. Joint ventures are well starred in the first 5 months and exploring new places and interests through early Summer to late October that will light your fire!


There's so much to learn and explore in 2022 that you can't stand still. What's more you attract partners who are a great fit for your wave of expansion. April is a key month for opening you up to something you never thought possible and for once you're willing to take a leap of faith.


The presence of expansive Jupiter in your relationship zone from May 10th to late October signals take off for personal and professional partnerships. Late May through to early July is prime time for these alliances to burn bright. Saturn supports you in underpinning your stability and delivering well-earned results.


As the eclipses and nodes are powering through Scorpio and Taurus, 2022 is a year with the potential to transform all that you are, the impact you have and the people who make an meaningful impact on you. Mid-April is beautifully uplifting inspiring you to love life. May to October is a personal re-set.


It's hugely important to focus on particular projects and ideas as Saturn demands concentration on specifics. A confidence boost is delivered mid-April that primes you for a spectacular May to late October period which activates all that you love and hold dear. Go for gold in 2022.


Early March is a hugely significant time when Venus, Mars and Pluto join together in your sign giving you the opportunity to stage a renaissance in relationship and work patterns. This has been a long time coming but creates an inner glow that lights you up for much of the rest of the year.


Saturn in Aquarius reminds you to deal with the essentials, make commitments and stick to them. You are crystal clear about what you need to do and mid-April suggests promising results that magnify late in the year. Find your voice and ways to create a larger platform for your ideas.


Generous Jupiter is resident in Pisces as the year turns through to May 10th and again late October to December 20th. So aim high and allow yourself to move into the miracle mindset. Jupiter offers opportunities to enhance all areas and the spectacular meeting of Jupiter and Neptune mid-April is your cue to make your dreams a reality.

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