Your weekly horoscope revealed for 21 to 27 February

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Let it be is your mantra this week as Neptune lulls the stormier aspect of your nature. There is relief in simply allowing things to unfold without intervention. Surprisingly you still receive great outcomes. Although Friday is a jump start!


You could feel as if you're living in a parallel universe as Neptune's multi-dimensional vibration takes hold. Actually it beats what's been going on recently in the mundane world! You can cast your own spells by simply visualising your intentions are already manifested. Perhaps Friday takes extra work!


Living the dream has inspired you for years, yet you have to admit your fantasy life changes shape continually as new ideas pique your interest. Perhaps you get a taste of something ultra-appealing this week. Yet by Friday you're back into switch mode, which is just as well given a changeable situation.


You have harboured a certain fascination for a person, place or dream and often wondered if you're divinely inspired or foolish! Some Cancerians can hold a candle that never extinguishes and this week you are drawn to the flame. It warms your heart, but real life intervenes at the end of the week.


The cosmos is playing ambient mood music mid-week that soothes you lions and brings out the more romantic and creative side of your nature. You can conjure up something beautiful that connects with other people. Yet with a jolt Friday's clash between Mercury and Uranus brings you to the here and now.


You like to play it safe by controlling as much as you can – yet the universe is whispering sweet nothings in your ear and you really don't have to fret over every tiny thing. The big issue is how much you can trust. Hmmn – can you go there for a couple of days. Come back in time for Friday's surprise news.


As you've been on red alert for a while you may have forgotten how to be in the flow. To live gracefully rather than in a state of anxiety. Yet the cosmos is creating special effects this week which enable you to relax into a state of harmony. That is until Friday! Get ready for an about turn.


Invisible subtle frequencies and energies are working their magic on you. That's what you experience when you feel an amazing connection be it verbal or non-verbal. Whatever is touching your soul feels uplifting and healing. So you are ready to meet Friday's code-breaking aspects.


You sense a distinct thaw in someone's attitude which is a blessing as you've long hoped they would become more receptive and ready to move on. In this climate there's space for a meeting of minds and/or hearts that blurs those old edges. Yet remember things still need delicate handling, especially later in the week.


You don't always trust intuition as much as your practical, rational side. Yet things are unfolding and synching very well with minimal effort. Perhaps you put this down to being in the right place at the right time. Or could you believe the universe really does perform synchronicities that align for you!


Enlightenment is not necessarily esoteric but just a state of being filled with light that enables you to understand life. Even if you feel a little zoned out you're still receiving this higher wisdom. Yet your presence is required in everyday life later in the week when a snap decision is called for.


It's second nature for you to remain fluid. In fact you dislike having too much structure which feels as if it limits your options. So the magic of the cosmos this week is capable of delivering a slice of heaven which is so fabulous you might want to take another helping. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

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