Weekly horoscope: 21 to 27 March

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Effervescent positivity gets you places, but there are unexpected issues mid-week so allow yourself plenty of wiggle room to adapt to the awkward and volatile moving parts. Your long range cosmic forecast couldn't be brighter so give things time to formulate.


Maintain high hopes about a collaboration or connection that feeds your soul. In contrast, Mars and Uranus are displaying the high jinks that can disrupt the status quo and unsettle you. Of course, the more we can transcend such things and not be attached to specific outcomes the easier it will be.


You may be bouncing around like Tigger early in the week, yet the cosmic climate could present sudden about-turns that wrong foot you. Tread carefully and don't leave things to chance. At the weekend you'll be able to nail some answers that have eluded you and come to a defining moment.


These are strange times indeed and even though you're on track to sparkle and shine, there are pitfalls to be avoided. Double check anything on offer that may turn out to be more talk than commitment. You need to be prepared to move quickly to mop up those free radicals! Saturday offers you a powerful reassurance and solution.


Although you can be quietly confident that you're moving into a new and expansive phase, don't be surprised if a lightning strike comes out of nowhere this week and you have to make last minute changes to your plans. It's a case of damage limitation which you perform brilliantly.


Expect some ructions this week as it appears someone promises more than they can deliver. Keep one step ahead by asking all the right questions. Having an alternative up your sleeve is going to be the thing that saves the day and you can impress others with your foresight and capability.


You could experience something of a close call when things don't work out as planned. However, being a socially skilled Libran means you know exactly how to smooth things over again and make the best of a jarring situation. This is when your skill-set works perfectly – even if the moment takes you by surprise.


This week has a pop-up energy so be prepared for something 'extra' to appear on short notice. If you're ready to move with the moment then nothing will faze you and you'll emerge at the end of the week with a clearer sense of your own resources that enable you to always work something out.


You bring a certain kind of enthusiasm that opens up new possibilities. Yet certain people appear to have their own agenda or even an unwillingness to change tack. Sometimes you have to give more than the other person. Show them how being flexible, adaptable and receptive wins the day.


You might be entertaining all kind of ideas you've never looked at before. This doesn't mean you've taken leave of your senses, more that you're moving forward into new ways of being. Even if you don't follow through, you'll find the process an interesting ride and along the way you'll learn something.


Mars in your own sign can inflame passion and wilfulness and it's likely you're feeling really full-on this week. Of course you want what you want, but at what cost? Perhaps others aren't ready for extreme disruption and a softly-softly approach will attract less opposition. Sometimes being subtle can have a stronger effect.


Nothing is impossible, as Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in your sign are encouraging dream-time. It's wonderful to experience inspiration and play with creativity over the next couple of months. What's important is to enlarge your world and align yourself with positive intentions.

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