Meet Jack Brooksbank's family: who is Tom Brooksbank, who are Jack's parents?

They're a very close-knit bunch

Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank at St George's Chapel on Friday 12 October. And as the Brooksbanks took centre stage, we've lined up everything you need to know about Jack and his family. Jack's parents are Nicola and George Brooksbank, who live in Wandsworth, not far from Kensington Palace. After the pair announced their engagement, they released a brief statement which read: "We could not be more delighted with the news of the engagement. We are completely over the moon and are very excited for them both."

Eugenie and Jack are soon to marry

Jack's father, George, has worked as a chartered accountant and a company director.

Who is Thomas Brooksbank?

His younger brother, Thomas, reportedly works in business management for a London asset management firm. Thomas' profile on the company's website explains that he "manages UK investor relationships," and that he graduated from the University of Leeds in 2011.


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The groom's grandmother, Joanna Newton, is also thought to be attending the wedding – and has spoken in the past about how excited she is for him. She told The Sun: "I’m thrilled about it. It’s amazing. I would never have thought it for a moment that it was going to happen and we are all very happy."

Jack is also very close to future mother-in-law the Duchess of York

Jack also has a royal family connection, and is a descendent of the Brooksbank baronets. Eugenie and her husband are very distantly related, just like the Queen and Prince Philip – they are third cousins once removed, with a common ancestor in 19th-century earl Thomas William Coke.

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Eugenie and Jack's big day will be remembered in a special hightlights video on HELLO! online, airing tonight at 9pm.