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The late Queen 'adored' grandson Prince Harry 'right to the end'

We speak to author Robert Hardman in our new podcast episode

Prince Harry often spoke of his love and affection for the late Queen
Katie Baxter
Katie BaxterFreelance Writer
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The relationship between Prince Harry and his grandmother the late Queen Elizabeth II has come under scrutiny due to new allegations that have come to light surrounding the naming of Harry and Meghan's daughter.

According to author Robert Hardman, a member of staff reported that the Queen was "as angry as I'd ever seen her" after Meghan and Harry publicly announced that she was supportive of their decision to name their daughter Lilibet, inspired by the Queen's own childhood nickname.

We explore the implications of this new revelation in A Right Royal Podcast. Our hosts, Andrea and Emmy, are joined by none other than Robert Hardman himself. Throughout the podcast, they delve into all things British royalty, and unsurprisingly, the prospect of tension between Harry and his late grandmother is a major talking point.

While it's unclear what exactly happened between the two, or whether explicit conversations were had about the naming of Lilibet, one thing was beyond doubt in spite of it all: the Queen's unwavering love for Harry. 

"I mean, the Queen adored Harry, right to the end that you know, and Harry adored her, she met Lilibet and loved her great-granddaughter, that was not an issue," Robert explained. 

"What was at issue was the handling of the story that came after the naming of Lilibet. And it was the way in which the Sussexes put out a statement saying the Queen had been entirely supportive of the name, and it was being, largely, not just suggested, but stated that she had given this blessing."

The late Queen "adored" Prince Harry, says Robert Hardman© Getty
The late Queen "adored" Prince Harry, says Robert Hardman

This announcement from Meghan and Harry was followed by a BBC report stating that the Queen had in fact not given her outright blessing, Robert explained. In the podcast, he revealed how the Sussexes "fired off legal letters to the BBC" and also when "the real anger" from the Queen actually kicked in. 

Listen to the podcast below to find out the real story.

Prince Harry returned to the UK for the Queen's state funeral in September 2022, where he was briefly reunited with his brother, Prince William. 

Andrea and Emmy also discuss other topics that come up in the book, such as details of the Queen's final illness and how the Princess Royal's hat was perceived at the coronation.

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