This is what Tom from Myspace is doing now

The social media mogul sold the website in 2009

Long before Facebook and Instagram took over the world, there was another social network that hooked millions of teenagers around the world – Myspace! And avid users of the site will have fond memories of their very first friend, Myspace Tom, whose profile appeared in everyone's top eight.

Tom Anderson was the co-founder of the social networking site, but sold the business to News Corp for a huge $580million (around £408million) in 2005, before retiring in 2009. But what has he been up to since?


Tom Anderson was the co-founder of Myspace

Well, the 47-year-old lives in Hawaii and appears to be leading an amazing life as a travel photographer, exploring the world and sharing his beautiful snaps from exotic destinations such as Thailand, Bhutan and the Maldives on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Named @myspacetom, the entrepreneur doesn't have quite as many followers as he did in his Myspace days, but does have an impressive 617,000 fans admiring his impressive photography.

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For the longest time I’ve been satisfied and chill - not really wanting more from life. 🤙 Just at peace with how I am and how the world is. 🌏 But lately I’ve felt like I want to learn and grow… I’m feeling like my teenage self again, when I was excited about picking up a new book or a new idea. I think this mostly came from friends who inspired me… They know who they are. Feeling very grateful for this change, and for the people who got my creative mojo firing. Onwards and upwards! 🚀 This shot was from yesterday’s hike on Kauai! ⛰Was moving so fast with my time-limited hiking partners that I never got a chance to take out my camera! This was shot on the iPhone 7+ and edited with built-in Apple tools and some Snapseed. After all that, I brought it into Photoshop to remove some purple noise in the shadows. Finally I made a few changes to clarity and color in IGs editor. Haha. Imagine the day when your phone camera could do everything a DSLR can do… It’s really not that far away. In many ways, the phone is better — certainly for portability and also in the way it handles different layers of depth and light. I know if I shot this on my DSLR it would have been even harder for me to process to my satisfaction. Went for a more painterly feel since it was pretty noisy and easier to edit that way?? I like it a lot !! Do you like?? :-) 😀

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Tom is now a travel photographer

"Former 1st friend, enjoying being retired. Photo taking has been my hobby for 4 years. New mission 2 help others & engage!" his profile reads. One way he is engaging with others is through his blog, which has the URL of – you guessed it – Some of the most recent posts showcase more of his travel photography, with features devoted to his travels in Malaysia and Beijing.

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The 47-year-old shares his photos on Instagram

Although the downfall of Myspace was often attributed to the popularity of Facebook, it appears Tom doesn't bear any grudges, and also has his own page on the social network, which has over one million fans. They'll be able to fondly remember their Myspace days, as Tom still has the same profile picture as he did back then, even though it is in a very grainy quality and a far cry from his recent images!

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