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The most popular Zoom background destinations and landscapes revealed

In need of some virtual escapism?

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Megan Bull
Megan BullTV Writer
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Zoom calls have become a part of the 'new normal' during the coronavirus lockdown - for business meetings, social events, modern dating and more. With many of us using holiday-themed backgrounds as a source of virtual escapism, the most popular Zoom background destinations and landscapes have been revealed by travel company Kuoni. From sprawling mountainscapes to idyllic waterfalls, Caribbean beaches to panoramas of the Philippines, you'll be able to see the world without leaving your sofa. 

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Caribbean beach

The Caribbean is the most popular destination being used for Zoom backgrounds

With the current crisis meaning that holiday plans have had to be postponed or canceled, Google Trends data has seen a 9,900 percent increase in searches for holiday-style Zoom backgrounds. With its pristine beaches and cerulean shores, it may come as no surprise that the Caribbean is the most popular destination being used for Zoom backgrounds right now, and as for landscapes, it's safari backdrops that are snagging the top spot. 

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The results show that the top ten holiday destinations on our minds at the moment are the Caribbean, followed by Australia, the Maldives, Vietnam, New Zealand, Sweden, the Philippines, Canada, Brazil, USA, Ireland, India, Portugal and Spain. And as for holiday types, after safari backdrops it's mountain views, cityscapes, beaches, waterfalls, the sea, rainforests, fields, deserts and lakes. 


The Safari backdrop is the most popular landscape being used for Zoom backgrounds

With many using their destination imagery as video call backgrounds, Kuoni has now released 14 new backgrounds ranging from Bangkok cityscapes to crystal-clear Caribbean waters. The brand told us: "Just a few days into lockdown we started to hear about people using our destination images as backgrounds for their video calls, to at least momentarily transport them to somewhere else in the world. We wanted to release a collection that gives people a slice of their dream holiday whilst they're at home."

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