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What this week's Super Flower Moon means for you depending on your star sign

Our celebrity astrologer Debbie Frank reveals all

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Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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Our celebrity astrologer Debbie Frank reveals what's in store for you this week as the final Supermoon in a series of four graces our skies in 2020. The sky itself is relatively pollution free, due to lockdown, which makes the stars, planets and Moon extra visible. What makes a Full Moon a Supermoon is the close proximity of its position to Earth. This can add 30 per cent to its brightness and 14 per cent to its size.

The Super Flower Moon will be 'exact' at 11.45 am BST on the morning of Thursday 7 May, so we will get two spectacular views of the Supermoon, firstly on Wednesday evening and again on Thursday evening. This particular Supermoon is called the Flower Moon, after the abundance of flowers at this time of year. However, astrologically, it will be the Scorpio Supermoon as the Moon moves through the constellation of Scorpio opposite to the Sun's position in Taurus. There won't be another Supermoon until late April 2021, so make the most of it!

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Full Moons indicate a rise in the emotional temperature, a period of intense experiences. In terms of the Moon's 29 day cycle it also represents a time of conclusion, clearing, decisions or a peak moment in our lives. It's the perfect time to practice the Law of Attraction, by focusing on your intentions and releasing any residue or 'stuck energy' that has accumulated during this past month during lockdown. If you have crystals you can cleanse and re-charge them by putting them outside under the Full Moonbeams.

What the Super Flower Moon means for each star sign:


Money matters are highlighted. What you earn, owe, what you have and the things you have that money can't even buy.


A significant other – past, present or future perfect is taking up airtime! Or this could be purely business but seeming equally important.


Health and organisation are top priority so the Supermoon beams have you searching for the best ways.


Where is the fun and playfulness? This is what you're searching for. Young people, creative pursuits and your own love of life are the answer.


You're on the brink of a major change of direction. What you want out of life is becoming intensely obvious to you. Go for it.


Your head is buzzing making your mind overwhelmed. Keep things simple and delegate where possible.


Being close to people – you're either intensely yearning for it or overloaded with it.


Your passionate feelings are often kept to yourself. But now you're releasing them, expressing them. Of course there has to be a person or situation who is the catalyst…


A silent Sagittarian is unusual. But you need your own space, peace and quiet. Besides, your dreams are so profound it takes hours to process them!


Where you fit in socially, as part of the group or within the digital tribe is brought up. Whether you're on the inside or the outside, use this time to perfect your mission.


Is home where your heart is these days? The Supermoon highlights personal issues that alter the way you wish to live. In fact, your whole work/life balance is in this frame.


What kind of dreams do you have for your future? You're certainly restless and thinking about where you want to go when lockdown is over.

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