David Walliams shares adorable 'father & son' photo – fans have the best reaction

The actor has two Border Terriers, Bert and Ernie

David Walliams is a proud father to son Alfred, but his two dogs, Bert and Ernie, also hold a special place in his heart – so much so that he often refers to them as his "boys" and his "one true love".

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On Wednesday, however, whilst sharing a cute black and white photo of himself holding Ernie, he adorably referred to them both as "father & son".


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David posing with his dog Ernie

His Instagram fans loved the caption and were quick to follow up on it. "He's got your eyes," joked one, whilst a second added: "I see the resemblance..."

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A third remarked: "Everything is better in black and white, fabulous photo, a partnership of unconditional love fur kid and father."

A fourth wrote: "So handsome both of you. Your son (Ernie?) has such cute eyes, precious!"

David with his two pet dogs

David's dogs are both Border Terriers, and while the BGT judge has had Bert for years, he adopted Ernie in February 2019. Back then he introduced the little pup to his fans by sharing a sweet photo of himself holding Ernie in one hand, and Bert in the other. "Bert has a baby brother. Meet Ernie," he wrote in the caption.

Ernie and Bert often feature on his social media, but the actor has never shared photos of his son with ex-wife Lara Stone.

Although he is incredibly private about his personal life, the comedian opened up about his eight-year-old last year, when he revealed how they were both coping with lockdown.

While appearing on This Morning, the Britain's Got Talent judge was speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about his new book, Slime, when he revealed how he and Alfred have been bonding more while living in isolation.

"I have enjoyed having a bit more time than usual because normally I'm here, there and everywhere, but at the moment obviously I'm at home so I can write all day and all night [...] and then other times I'm looking after my son and home schooling which has been fun," he said.