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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ relationship decoded. Will they stand the test of time?

The former GMA stars have discussed marriage

 T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach attend iHeartRadio z100's Jingle Ball 2023 at Madison Square Garden
Faye James
Faye JamesSenior Editor
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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, once familiar faces on GMA3 are now navigating the next chapters of their lives together. 

After their departure from the ABC morning show due to the public revelation of their relationship while still legally bound to others, the pair has ventured into new territory with their podcast launched last December, Amy & T.J. Podcast. 

This platform has become a candid space where they discuss their journey, the intricacies of their relationship, and the repercussions they've faced.

During a recent interaction with their audience, a listener's question about marriage sparked a thoughtful response from Amy. 

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are photographed backstage at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2023 at Madison Square Garden on December 8, 2023 in New York City, New York. © Getty Images
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach recently spoke about marriage

"It’s under consideration,” Amy, 50, admitted, underscoring the depth and seriousness of their bond. 

"We didn't just dive into this recklessly. We see a future together, a lifetime commitment, irrespective of the legal formalities that might or might not come into play."

Acknowledging their previous marriages, Amy shared that they're not in a hurry to walk down the aisle yet again. 

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach at the 2023 Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden © Taylor Hill
TJ and Amy may not last if either gets bored

However, the possibility of a lifelong commitment remains a significant topic. "The idea of spending our lives together isn't off the table," she said, hinting at the profound connection and shared vision they have for their future.

Celebrity psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman offered insights into the dynamic between Amy and T.J., indicating that Amy appears to lead with confidence and joy. 

"Amy radiates happiness, her entire demeanor speaks of someone who has found her match. T.J., on the other hand, seems more reserved, possibly harboring insecurities about jeopardizing what they have," Inbaal told HELLO!

Their physical closeness in photographs, according to Inbaal, is a testament to their deep, intimate bond.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes at Today producer Jennifer Long's wedding
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes at Today producer Jennifer Long's wedding

 "Their body language, with torsos and hips touching, illustrates a strong connection. Amy often takes a slightly more forward stance, suggesting she's steering their journey together."

Inbaal also turned to Tarot for further insights into Amy and T.J.'s relationship.

 "Amy's card, the Fool, depicts her as an independent spirit, unchained by societal expectations. T.J.'s Ace of Wands reflects his adventurous essence. The Strength card, representing their relationship, symbolizes a passionate bond, with both parties deeply in love," Inbaal described. 

T. J. Holmes and Amy Robach attend KIIS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2023 presented by Capital One at The Kia Forum© Getty
T. J. Holmes and Amy Robach attend KIIS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2023 presented by Capital One at The Kia Forum

However, she warned, "Their shared love for excitement means they must continually find ways to keep the flame alive, lest boredom leads to a parting of ways."

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