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Conjoined twin Abby Hensel is married - see reality TV stars' wedding photos

She starred on TLC's reality TV show Abby & Brittany

Abby and Brittany Hensel starred on the TLC reality TV show
Hannah Hargrave
US Deputy Editor
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Abby Hensel is a married woman after secretly tying the knot with her army veteran husband, Josh Bowling.

The conjoined twin, 34, from TLC's reality TV show, Abby & Brittany, got married in 2021, according to court documents obtained by Today

Photos of their special day were also shared on social media and featured Abby and her twin Brittany wearing a wedding gown  and Josh sporting a smart, grey suit. 

Conjoined twins Abby Hensel and Brittany Hensel© TikTok
Abby with her husband Josh

Abby and her sister Brittany's Facebook page also have the image as their profile picture. 

Today reports the twins are now fifth grade teachers and live in Minnesota, where they were born and raised.

They appear happy with their life post reality TV and snapshots from Josh's social media show them traveling and enjoying winter sports with Josh and a young girl who appears to be Josh's daughter.

Abby and Brittany are dicephalus conjoined twins.  They share a bloodstream and all of their organs below the waist. 

Abby controls their right arm and leg, and Brittany controls the left.

Abby Hensel on her wedding day© TikTok
Abby Hensel on her wedding day

Their parents, Patty and Mike, made the decision not to have them separated when they were born in 1990.

Doctors said they likely wouldn't survive the procedure and they didn't want to risk the op.

Abby and Brittany appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996 and the offer of a reality show followed. 

Abby and Brittany Hensel starred on the TLC reality TV show © TLC
Abby and Brittany Hensel starred on the TLC reality TV show

Abby & Brittany followed them as they prepared to graduate from Minnesota's Bethel College and then go on their travels to Europe. 

"People have been curious about us since we were born, for obvious reasons," Abby and Brittany said in the eight-part series. "But our parents never let us use that as an excuse. We were raised to believe we could do anything we wanted to do."

Their dad spoke about their hopes of marriage in a 2001 interview with TIME, when he said: "They're good-looking girls. They're witty. They've got everything going for them, except they're together."

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