Louise Redknapp reveals new music is about her personal life 

Find out what the former Strictly star had to say about her upcoming album


Louise Redknapp has opened up about her new album ahead of the release of her new single, Lead Me On, and revealed that a lot of her music is "personal". Chatting to MailOnline about how she looked at her personal circumstances while making music, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant said: "Music is the first thing I go to when I feel happy and when I feel sad. And it got me through a time that was really a tough time in my life. If I can bounce around the studio it really lifts my spirits. And I can pour my heart out. Because I would never do a tell-all. Music is very personal."


Louise opened up about her new music

Adding that her music wasn't "negative about anyone", she explained: "It's the perfect album for me to release right now. It's come from a very honest place; and that's not because I want to talk out of turn, I just want to be honest. It's impossible at my age not to draw upon personal experiences anyway, when making new music. I'm confident that it wont be dishonourable or unkind and it's not negative about anyone. I wouldn't try and set tongues wagging to sell a few more records. I make music because I love to."

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Louise split from Jamie in 2017

Louise had a difficult few months back in 2017 after splitting from her husband of 19 years, Jamie Redknapp. The pair share two sons, Charles, 14, and ten-year-old Beau. Speaking about their breakup on Jamie Theakston's Heart breakfast show, Louise previously admitted that although it has been "really tough", the pair have remained best friends. She said: "Yeah, it’s been really tough, but I mean, you know, he's my best friend. It's been really tough but things happen and yeah, I saw him yesterday and it was all good. We had school meetings and stuff, like you do, so all good."

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