Richard Madeley reveals the real reason he chose not to appear on Strictly

We can't believe it!

When hosting Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Richard Madeley dropped something of a Strictly bombshell. The veteran TV presenter revealed that he had been asked to appear on the hit dancing show, but that he turned it down. Why? According to Richard, it was because of all that spandex. He elaborated: "I was talking to a booker from Strictly Come Dancing the other day because, for their folly, sometimes they ask me to go on it and I always say no. She was saying that more women celebrities say yes than men – it's much harder to get male celebrities to go on and do it. I wouldn't do it because of the jive. I cannot conceivably come on in spandex and lurex and do the flick kicks – I would look so stupid."

Richard's comments sent Twitter into a frenzy, and one savvy tweeter agreed with the GMB star's reluctance to tug on the spandex, saying: "Probably a good idea not to do Strictly. @GreggAWallace did it commando and split his trousers!"

Richard was back on the Good Morning Britain sofa with Kate Garraway

That's right, back in 2014, Strictly contestant Greg Wallace had a wardrobe malfunction on the ballroom floor. Speaking about the notorious moment that his trousers split, Greg explained that: "One day Aliona introduced a section where she does the splits and I have to get low as well, and [my] trousers couldn't take it. They split, and she laughed until she realised I wasn't wearing underwear. I never do. She went, 'I've been dancing with you for two weeks and this thing has been swinging around?!' Now I wear pants when dancing, just for her."

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We miss having Richard and Judy on our screens every morning!

At the time professional dancer Aliona Kavanagh took to Twitter to express her dismay, writing: "Rehearsal with @GreggAWallace went from funny to disturbing... trousers split at the back = funny... Gregg not wearing underwear = disturbing!"

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Let's hope everyone manages to keep their trousers intact this year.

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