Richard Madeley has a 'Ross from Friends' moment on GMB and leaves viewers in hysterics

The star's tan was a talking point

Oh dear, Richard Madeley had viewers in stitches on Wednesday morning - and for the wrong reasons. The presenter appeared on Good Morning Britain looking more than a little orange in the face and viewers cannot stop talking about it. Richard's healthy glow was somewhat the elephant in the room before Mark Francis - known for his brutally honest comments in Made in Chelsea - asked him: "Were you in Barbados or Mystique? Your tan is phenomenal." Charlotte Hawkins then informed Richard that his tan was actually trending on Twitter. The former This Morning host had an explanation for his vibrant skin tone and we have to admire his honesty.

Richard revealed: "I was in the South of France for two weeks. I came back a few days ago to start this, but I agree with you, it's looking a bit orange. It can only be makeup I think. There is a tan underneath it but sorry everybody, it's a bit pumpkin-like. Take it down, wash it off."

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Charlotte made reference to 'the tan' on her Twitter page after the show, writing: "Well it was quite a morning on @GMB, from the man who gave birth to his son, to Ryan Giggs' brother on that affair with his wife… but it seems to be @richard56's tan that has got everyone talking!"

We could literally devote an entire feature to the comments on Richard's tan, but here's a selection. One follower tweeted: "Did Richard get stuck in the spray tan machine, like Ross from Friends?" Now, that was a great episode. Another wrote: "Nice to see David Dickenson on telly this morning," while one posted, "Look at the 'hand to face' difference!!" Yes, it's quite something.

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There were more funny comments, such as: "You've been tangoed," and, "Richard. What on earth has happened to your face? I didn't have to put the light on!!!!!!" One reader made a valid point, wondering: "Someone in Makeup does NOT like Richard Madeley."

Poor Richard. We suspect he'll appear with a much less orange face tomorrow.

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