Who is Martin Clunes' wife? Find out everything you need to know

Martin lives with his family in Dorset

Hanna Fillingham

Martin Clunes has had an impressive TV career, having starred in everything from Doc Martin to Men Behaving Badly. And behind-the-scenes, the dad-of-one leads a quiet family life with in Dorset with his producer wife Philippa Braithwaite. The couple married in 1997 and welcomed daughter Emily the following year. Philippa has produced many of the shows that Martin has starred in, including Doc Martin and Manhunt – the TV drama which followed the story of DCI Colin Sutton, the detective who caught Milly Dowler's killer Levi Bellfield. Find out more about the talented producer and Martin's family life…

Who is Martin Clune's wife Philippa Braithwaite?

Martin's wife Philippa is a talented producer and has worked with her husband on many of the shows he has starred in. The actor proposed to his wife in Hawaii after missing her while during a work trip there. Talking to the Irish News, Martin later recalled the reason he decided to propose. He said: "I was doing a holiday programme, I wish they'd come back, they were just great. And they'd agreed to fly Philippa out, and I'd done San Francisco and Hawaii on the same trip and she came out at the end of the Hawaii shoot. It was the longest we'd been apart, and I missed her so much that I proposed, while she was really jet lagged and in such a strange place." Martin returned to the island 23 years later, and went to the hotel where he had popped the question. He recalled that he couldn't find the hotel, so he looked for it on Google Earth.


Martin Clunes and his wife Philippa Braithwaite

Martin and Philippa's daughter

Martin and Philippa have one daughter, Emily. Martin rarely talks about his family life, but gave a rare interview to The Mirror about his child in February, revealing that she's decided to take a different career root from her parents, having grown up in the countryside. "She’s studiously avoided everything we do," Martin joked. "In September she starts her Equine Science degree with her horse Dennis in tow. They are both going on to further education together – how dreamy is that?"


The couple share daughter Emily

Martin and Philippa's relationship

Martin and Philippa work together a lot, and while some couples would find it problematic, they are more than used to it. Martin told The Mirror: "We met while working together, it's the way it's always been for us and it's absolutely fine." He added: "Yes, it's nice spending a bit of time on the farm on my own, but all I know is that I'm happiest when Philippa is by my side. We usually cook together. When we have a roast on a Sunday, for instance, I'm the one in charge of the meat and the gravy!"

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