Lisa Faulkner reveals mysterious ankle injury

The TV cook has been warned to stay off her feet

Jenni McKnight

Lisa Faulkner is nursing a sore ankle and been warned to keep her feet up following a mysterious injury. The TV cook showed off her bandaged ankle on her Instagram Stories on Thursday, but did not reveal how the injury occurred.

"Morning. I'm sitting because of my ankle," she said to the camera. "I've been told that I have to keep it up when I'm not walking on it."

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WATCH: Lisa Faulkner reveals mysterious ankle injury

She added: "I can't walk on it like up hills or any sort of exercise things. I can just take the dog for like a little amble. I can't do any yoga which is really frustrating me because it keeps me sane."

This isn't the first time Lisa has suffered a lockdown injury. Last month, she revealed that she had fallen down the stairs which left her with some painful bruising.

The former EastEnders star explained in an Instagram video: "Good morning or good afternoon. Um, I'm in my bikini because I'm outside in the garden. I had an eventful morning. I, um, fell, in the middle of the night.


Lisa Faulkner didn't disclose how she hurt her ankle

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"I fell down two steps into a bathroom and I've bruised my bum. [It's] really, really sore. It really hurt and I felt really old and ridiculous. And John had to pick me up. So that was fun. I've got a bruise, but it could have been so much worse."

And in April, the talented cook revealed that she had suffered a nasty burn while cooking dinner for herself and husband John Torode. "I started cooking the herb crust. I started cooking it in a pan, and then put it in the oven. And then I picked up the pan with my hand," she explained as she held her hand up to the camera to reveal a burn on her palm.

"It's so sore." John then added: "And you can't see the other thing, but she cut her finger as well." She resorted to clutching cold tomatoes and using Marie Reynolds Anoint oil in a bid to soothe the pain, which lasted for several days. Poor Lisa!

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