James Jordan shares heartbreaking full story of dad's diagnosis

Doctors discovered an inoperable brain tumour

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James Jordan has opened up about the heartbreaking news that his dad Allan, who is James' "hero and best mate", has been told he only has a year to live as doctors have discovered an inoperable brain tumour. Speaking to HELLO!, the former Strictly pro spoke about how his dad's diagnosis has shattered his world. 

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Allan recently went to hospital for a biopsy after suffering two strokes earlier this year, and James spoke about receiving the results. In tears while recounting the moment his family's lives changed forever after they were told about Allan's condition, he said: "We went to the doctors the other day to have the results of the biopsy, and they've given him a year to live. 

"It's as bad as it can be. They're saying it's the strongest grade of tumour. It is in the brain, it affects his speech and his understanding and his movement on his right side so they can't operate on it. They're going to put him on radiotherapy and chemotherapy and it's just prolonging it. They said the best case, it'll be a year." Overcome with emotion, his wife Ola Jordan took over, sadly saying: "It's been really hard. We haven't got good news." 


Doctors have discovered an inoperable brain tumour

The heartbroken new dad, who has often spoke about how his own father is a major inspiration in his life, was very understandably frustrated that Allan wasn't diagnosed sooner, and is desperately hoping for a second opinion on his health. "I still feel, because they misdiagnosed him, it doesn't give you the greatest confidence so I want a second opinion," he said. "If anyone is out there who can do anything to help, I'd love them to contact me." He added that anyone can get in touch by messaging him directly on Instagram. 


James opened up about his dad's condition

"I want to know I've done everything possible for my dad before I can totally accept it," he explained heavily. "I'm looking for the best surgeon, or even if there's a way we can get more time with him. If I have to fly him wherever, I'll do whatever we can. I want a second opinion. If there's anything that can give me longer with my dad, I'll take it." 

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It hasn't been an easy road to find out the truth about Allan's condition, and James was constantly in touch with the hospital to encourage more tests and scans. "It took four months of me pushing them to do further tests to find out why he's having these seizures," he explained. "I was told again and again that he had 100 per cent had a stroke... While you trust them, I still had this doubt that there was something not right. I insisted that they sent his scans to King's College Hospital where they deal with that sort of thing, and they said it was a tumour.


James has described his dad as his 'hero and best mate'

"They said, 'It wouldn't have made any difference to the result,' which I understand, but I would have had longer with my dad knowing that I'm going to lose him. I can't get that time back now." 

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Speaking about how the news has deeply impacted him, James, who welcomed baby Ella in February, explained: "It's horrendous at the moment. Having Ella is the only thing that puts a smile on my face at the moment. I've got to be strong for my baby but to be honest, I'm really really, for the first time in my life, struggling so much. I can't explain the pain that I'm feeling, it's just horrendous. It's the worst time of my life." Ola, who has been supporting him through the difficult time, teared up as she added: "And it should be the happiest because you've got a baby." 


James became a father himself earlier this year

Allan is now out of hospital and back at home, and James and Ola spoke about his progress. Ola said: "If you walked in and you saw him, you'd think he was a well man." 

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"He's a proud man," James agreed, clearly very proud of his beloved father's fortitude. "He's not moping around, he's up and he's been cleaning the car for my mum and he's been saying he wants to move the plants around and get things done. He just gets on with it. He's had a tough life, he's such a positive person. He's only just retired, he's only 67, which isn't really old at all." 


James with his daughter Ella

James empathised with others who may be in a similar situation, and who have faced their own personal struggles and losses during the pandemic. He added: "I know these things happen every day to someone out there but you never know how sad it is until it happens to you." 

His voice breaking, the family man continued: "We're going to make all the memories that we can, but it's a really horrible time. We're going to cherish whatever time we've got. We'll play golf together if we can. I know he really wants to get out on the golf course. I want to take him to a few different ones and make some memories with him."