James and Ola Jordan's daughter Ella reaches impressive new milestone - WATCH  video

James and Ola Jordan's daughter is approaching five months

Former Strictly pros James and Ola Jordan are of course incredible dancers, and at just four months it looks like their daughter Ella is following in their footsteps! While still very young, their baby daughter never stops moving, and has already started teaching herself how to sit up! 

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"She's really trying to sit up now," Ola explains. "Even when I have her in my arms, she's lifting her head up so much. She's almost ready to sit up, she's pushing herself forward! I think she is going to sit earlier than nine months. She's quite a strong baby." 

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WATCH: Baby Ella is nearly sitting up all by herself in sweet new video

James agrees, adding: "Yes, especially for a baby that is so small." The pair agree that the youngster is a wriggler, as Ola explains: "All day long she is kicking and moving. In her cot, which is on a slight tilt because of her reflux, she slides down to the bottom and in the morning she's worked out that there's a hanging cushion and if she kicks the bottom of the bed, she can feel it swinging. So she'll always kick those." 

Baby Ella is starting to sit up all on her own

James adds: "When we're in the car, she has these toy avocados that she's always kicking too. She's a wriggler!" The pair reveal that she does indeed enjoy watching the two of them dance around, with James explaining: "She does laugh when we dance around her. We dance around her to try to make her laugh sometimes when she's moody - so I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing!" 

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While the pair are very keen to let little Ella be whoever she wants to be as she grows older, Ola confesses that she won't be able to resist signing her up for dance lessons. "Of course I'll have to sign her up for some dance classes, of course I will!" she gushes. "In her little ballerina outfit! But it's whatever she wants to do, I'm not going to push her to be a dancer. Whatever is her dream and her passion!" 

Ola recently shared a snap of herself with little Ella 

James jokes: "She's going to be a golfer! She can try anything, and it's whatever she enjoys. That's the important thing." 

The pair say that Ella is the light of their lives at the moment following the devastating news that James' dad Allan has been told he only has a year left to live due to an inoperable brain tumour. "Having Ella is the only thing that puts a smile on my face at the moment," James says. "I've got to be strong for my baby but to be honest, I'm really really, for the first time in my life, struggling so much. I can't explain the pain that I'm feeling, it's just horrendous. It's the worst time of my life." Read the full story about his dad here.

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Although it is a terrible time for the Jordan family, the pair are trying to stay positive for Ella, and reveal that they have switched her milk back to the original formula after she hated the other brand, and that a new cream has cleared up the spotty rash. 

Ella's rash has cleared up since using a new cream

"The new milk didn't go down very well," Ola says. "She did not want the milk at all. She was crying, she was kicking off, getting really red, she did not want that milk. She was so miserable, she wasn't feeding properly. She had hardly any of the milk. I thought, 'Well I can't starve her,' so we went back to the original milk."

James adds: "Her rash stopped when we changed her cream. She had a dry rash everywhere but when we used the cream she ended up having a really bad spotty rash. We told the doctor and they gave us another cream, and the spotty rash disappeared so now it's dry skin. It's much better, it looks like eczema. So we think it was the cream that made the rash really bad." 

Ola explains that they're sticking with the original milk for now, saying: "She's eating really well, she's not in any discomfort, she's always smiling and happy. So we thought if she's not in distress, we'll stick with it. I would say she was more in distress with the other milk we put her on. I reckon she's nearly ready for food though. She might be finally ready to try some of mummy's cooking!"  

Due to the lockdown, Ella hasn't experienced several firsts just yet - including being left with a family member while her mum and dad have a night to themselves! "We haven't left her with a family member yet," Ola admits. "It'll get to the point where we'll have to, and I'd love to leave her with my sister, but she doesn't really even know her that well yet." James agrees, adding: "I can't even imagine leaving her just yet!" 

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Ola has also been considering eventually putting Ella in nursery, explaining: "I actually said to James, 'When do you start them in nursery?' and he looked at me like, 'What do you mean?' but they do have to go to nursery to get used to other children and build their social skills, even if it's for a couple of a days, you know? Daddy's going to be the soppy one!" 

James jokes: "I'll be watching through the window!" 

The pair also reveal that while the original plan was to move Ella to a crib in her room when she reaches six months, they can't imagine not having her wake up next to them in their room. "To be honest with you, she's already nearly five months but I can't imagine her not being there," Ola laughs. "I know it's the right thing to do, but I don't know! I have friends who put the baby in the other room much earlier but right now she's still my little munchkin, I don't want to let her go!" 

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She continues: "When she wakes up, she always smiles at me, the biggest smile. It's so lovely to see that, even when it's five in the morning. I don't think I'll sleep well if I have to move her to the next bed. I'll definitely be checking on her nonstop."