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Nicole Kidman's children: Everything you need to know about the actress' kids with Tom Cruise and Keith Urban

The Big Little Lies star shares her two oldest children with Tom Cruise

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Hannah Hargrave
Hannah HargraveUS Deputy Editor
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Alongside Nicole Kidman's acting successes in films such as Eyes Wide Shut and Moulin Rouge!, and in TV series such as Big Little Lies, the Australian-American actress is also a proud mom.

The 55-year-old – who is currently filming Netflix's The Perfect Couple – has children with both her ex-husband Tom Cruise and her current husband Keith Urban, and is fiercely private about her kids.

Nicole and Keith wearing sunglasses and sun hats, smiling in a selfie© Keith Urban on Instagram
Nicole and Keith celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary

However, over the years Nicole has opened up in interviews and shared some insights on social media about her life as a mother.

Join HELLO! as we explore all there is to know about the multi award-winning actress' children.

How many children does Nicole Kidman have?

Nicole Kidman is a proud mother of four children.

Nicole and Tom with their two children © Getty
Nicole and Tom adopted their children three years apart

The Far and Away actress shares two daughters, Sunday Rose, 14, and Faith Margaret, 12, with country music star Keith Urban, to whom she has been married for over 16 years. The Australian icon is also mom to Bella, 30, and Connor, 28, who she adopted with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Who are Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's children Bella and Connor? 

In 1992, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise adopted their first of two children, Bella. Then, three years later in 1995, the Eyes Wide Shut co-stars adopted their second child, Connor.

Now 28-years-old, the ex-couple's son lives in Clearwater, Florida where he recently launched his own barbecuing business, Connor's Meat Shack, and appears to have some pretty impressive cooking skills. Connor is also a keen deep-sea fisherman.

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Bella on the other hand is now 30 years old and married to her husband, Max Parker. She lives in the UK, where Nicole says she feels most at home. 

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"You know, she really feels more English," she told Vanity Fair. "We lived there for Eyes Wide Shut, Mission Impossible, and The Portrait of a Lady. They both had English accents when they were little."

bella cruise in a black and white selfie wearing a coat, scarf and hat© Photo: Instagram
Bella lives a low-key life in London with her husband

Both children have a far more low-key lifestyle than their world-famous parents and have veered away from the entertainment business. 

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Connor did dip his toe in the acting pool but his dalliance didn't last long. Bella prefers to concentrate on her art and often shares some of her incredible work on social media. 

Who are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's children Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret? 

The 55-year-old actress shares two children, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, with her husband Keith, also 55.

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Nicole gave birth to Sunday in July 2008 and then had Faith via surrogate in 2010. However, the couple didn't announce news of Faith's birth nor the fact that they had even been expecting a second child until 2011.

Following their announcement, Nicole explained that they had chosen to keep the news a secret in order to protect everyone involved in the process. "I wanted to be able to tell everybody because I was so excited about her," she told an E! News reporter at the SAG Awards in 2011.

Nicole and Keith in smart clothes on red carpet © Getty
Nicole and Keith at the awards in January 2011

"[But] we just decided this was our thing together. It kind of just perpetuated itself… it protects [Faith] and it protects everyone in the situation."

Unlike their older half-siblings, who spent a lot of time growing up in the UK, Sunday and Faith have spent their childhood split between their parents' homes in Nashville and Australia, where they are currently based. The two have grown up away from the Hollywood spotlight, although that hasn't stopped them from making waves in the entertainment industry themselves.

nicole kidman chatting to reese witherspoon on stage © Getty
Nicole and Reese Witherspoon discussing Big Little Lies

Both of Nicole and Keith's daughters have landed a number of roles as extras over the years, while hanging out on set with their mom.

These have included Big Little Lies and The Undoing. Talking to in October 2020, a proud Nicole opened up about her children having roles on the latter project.

Nicole Kidman in brown suit © Getty
Nicole Kidman celebrating The Undoing

"They're used to being extras, but they did five days in the freezing New York cold, never complained, and didn't get any special treatment," she said. "And then one day they came home and said, 'We got a line!'"

Does Nicole Kidman see Bella and Connor? 

While there has been much speculation over the years that neither Bella nor Connor Cruise talk to Nicole due to their involvement in Scientology, introduced to them by their father Tom, she has insisted this is not the case. 

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"Motherhood is about the journey," she told The Sun in 2019. "There are going to be incredible peaks and valleys, whether you are an adopting mother or a birth mother. What a child needs is love."

Nicole sat at a Lakers game with a young Connor on her right and a young Bella on her left, smiling over at Connor© Getty Images
Nicole with Bella and Connor in 2004

Nicole added: "They have made choices to be Scientologists. It’s our job as a parent to always offer unconditional love."

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Bella and Connor may not talk about their mother publicly but they have become more vocal and present on social media recently. 

Bella posing for a selfie with some cacti behind her© Bella Kidman Cruise on Instagram
Bella in October 2021

Neither have been spotted with Nicole in recent years but Bella has 'liked' her mum's recent Instagram posts, suggesting they are in communication under the radar. 

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When asked if she still speaks to her parents, the 30-year-old told New Idea in 2016: "Of course we talk, they're my parents."

Does Tom Cruise have a relationship with Bella and Connor?

Yes, like Nicole, Tom is also in contact with both Bella and Connor Cruise.

Connor and Tom stood with two other men in motor racing gear© Getty Images
Tom and Connor together in 2013

Ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was spotted in the UK giving his son an aviation lesson. Around the same time, Bella thanked Tom for helping her to train as an auditor for the Church of Scientology. 

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"Thank you to my Dad for everything," she wrote in a letter shared with church members. "I would have drowned in my own problems if you hadn’t been there to [support] me or get me through the preliminaries. It took a whole family and an org to get me here."

Bella posing for a mirror selfie with neon rainbow lights reflected all around her© Bella Kidman Cruise on Instagram
Bella is an artist

Tom also has a daughter, Suri, with his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, but they are reportedly estranged

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