Lorraine Kelly reveals her goal for this year

She's been inspired!

Lorraine Kelly is back with her first exclusive HELLO! diary of 2022. In it, the ITV presenter shares her goal for the year, after being inspired by the one and only Tom Daley. Find out what she hopes to achieve below...

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Happy New Year! I hope you had a good Christmas and all the best for 2022. This is the year that I'm determined to master a new hobby, inspired by Tom Daley when he came on my show as a guest last month. Tom is a man of many skills, not just an Olympic gold medal-winning diver and TV pundit and presenter, but he's also an excellent knitter.

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WATCH: Lorraine Kelly has started knitting!

I'm sure you saw him sitting in the stands during the Olympics knitting a fantastic chunky jumper emblazoned with the "Team GB" logo, and he knits for his husband Lance and their toddler son.

When Tom came on the show, he presented me with a pair of needles and a big ball of fuchsia pink wool and I was instantly hooked. We sat amicably knitting and chatting and I loved it.

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She's already made a pink scarf

I was taught to knit when I was at Strathclyde primary school in Bridgeton, Glasgow when I was about ten years old, and although I haven't picked up a pair of knitting needles in almost fifty years, it all came flooding back to me. I remembered how to cast on and how to do plain and purl stitching, but that's about my limit so far.

I made Ruby (my daughter Rosie's mini sausage dog) a scarf out of the pink wool, as well as a misshapen woolly jumper, and now my family and friends are living in fear and dread of me gifting them hand-knitted woolly socks, mittens and balaclavas.

Ruby with the pink scarf

Angus my wee border terrier is my current victim and I'm knitting him a coat out of the thick wool usually used to create fisherman's jumpers.

I've bought a Knitting for Beginners book and hope to move on eventually to creating jumpers for myself. I'm actually finding it a real stress buster. There's something very soothing about knitting and satisfying about making something, even if it is just a bright pink scarf for a gorgeous little puppy.

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