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Kelly Ripa's rarely-seen daughter makes surprising revelation about growing up in famous family

The Live star shares children Michael, Lola and Joaquin with husband Mark Consuelos

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Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are a well-known couple, having met on the set of All My Children back in the nineties. 

Their three children grew up having two famous parents, and there was a lot of interest in them as a result. Kelly and her oldest two children, Michael, 25, and Lola, 22, opened up about this unique experience during a recent chat on the star's podcast, Sirius XM's Let's Talk Off Camera

Lola admitted that while she was very aware of the paparazzi - who would always follow them around New York City - Kelly made such a little deal of it, that it seemed like it was normal. 

VIDEO: Kelly Ripa's family photos throughout the years

"I was very aware of it, and I always tell this to people because I say I think you and dad did the best job of raising us with that type of stuff because we knew what was going on, but you always told us that it was something else. 

"Like when you would pick us up, when we'd walk home from school, I'd be like, 'There's people taking photos of us,' and you're like, 'They're taking photos of the birds and I'm like..." 

Kelly Ripa and daughter Lola with family dog Lena
Kelly Ripa's daughter Lola, 22, opened up about growing up in the spotlight

Kelly interjected: "I used the old bird watchers, 'They're bird watchers.'" 

Lola went on: "'Mom, they're really not, they're not taking photos of the birds. I promise you. They're taking photos of us,' and you were like, 'They're just taking photos of the birds, like it's not a big deal.' I think if you had made it a big deal and would've reacted to it, obviously we would've reacted to it as well, but because you literally did not care and still don't, we do not care and we didn't care and we still don't care, which is why if someone comes up to you, if we're having dinner and a fan comes up to you and asks for a picture, it doesn't even register. 

Kelly Ripa's daughter Lola has been supported by her brothers during her music career so far
Kelly Ripa's three children - Lola, Joaquin and Michael

"It's just time passes and we continue, like let's just say I'm talking to you and a fan comes up and asks for a picture. I'll wait for five seconds and continue my story." 

Kelly and Mark are also parents to 19-year-old son Joaquin, who is currently living in Michigan where he attends college. The doting parents often share fun stories about their three children on Live with Kelly and Mark, and all three of the kids appeared on it regularly during their childhood. 

Kelly Ripa with her sons and daughter
Kelly Ripa with her sons and daughter

The close knit family love nothing more than meeting up, and while Kelly and Mark became empty nesters when their youngest left home in 2021, they now have daughter Lola back home after graduating from college.

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