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ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee's latest video leaves fans in absolute disbelief

The ABC star heads the network's climate division

Ginger Zee is seen at 'Good Morning America' on February 14, 2020
Ahad Sanwari
Ahad SanwariSenior WriterNew York
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Ginger Zee's fans often rely on her social media to get the latest and most relevant takes on weather around the nation, although her latest update left many in disbelief.

The ABC meteorologist, 42, took to her Instagram with a video she'd seen from North Carolina, taken at a height of 5200 feet that captured an incredible wave of snowfall in October.

"Snowy scene at the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina with that chilly fall air. Video taken at about 5200 feet," she wrote of the sight, in which the falling flakes covered the red and brown leaves of the trees.

VIDEO: Ginger Zee concerns fans as she reports on Tropical Storm Idalia

Many of her followers were stunned to see a consistent stream of snow this early in the year, given that the first snow showers of the year typically don't come till December.

One of her fans commented: "No way snow!!! Is that too early?? Climate change right?" while another added: "What is causing that?? I feel like that is way early. Why is it so cold this year?" with," and a third also wrote: "Looks beautiful but too early for snow."

Several simply noted how beautiful the scenery was, saying: "Would love to drive through there now," and: "That's just gorgeous, thank you for sharing," as well as: "It's always beautiful to see our mountain's foliage."

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In the midst of her forecasts and informative takes on climate change, Ginger occasionally adds a personal touch, doing so recently with her take on Hurricane Michael.

The destructive tropical cyclone hit much of the Florida panhandle in 2018, affecting the area directly from October 7-16, and Ginger was in the thick of it all.

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Alongside a video which featured highlights from her coverage, the Good Morning America anchor penned: "5 years ago today Category 5 Hurricane Michael rammed into the Florida panhandle. 

Ginger Zee on Good Morning America© Getty Images
Ginger's extensive coverage has won her millions of fans

"We were right there in the eyewall of the most powerful storm to make landfall in this country in nearly 30 years (by wind speed not damage)," she continued, revealing the personal impact the phenomenon had.

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"This was the storm that changed my why, again: I started covering hurricanes because of science, Katrina taught me it was about humans and Michael taught me it was about humans who didn't have the same privilege (everyone I met that stayed didn't have a way out, didn’t speak English etc)." 

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Ginger added: "I could be in a cat 5 and stay safe – we need to make sure everyone has that opportunity. Our science is good, the rescue before the rescue needs work."

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She concluded: "Sending love, peace and prayers to everyone impacted my michael as I know it doesn't end."

State Road 98 is torn up after Hurricane Michael passed through the area on October 12, 2018 in Mexico Beach, Florida.  The hurricane hit the panhandle area with category 4 winds causing major damage.© Getty Images
The GMA meteorologist extensively covered the destructive 2018 tropical cyclone

Fans responded with comments like: "As a citizen of Mexico Beach, thank you for your coverage then as we all had to evacuate and leave our homes!!!" and: "Boy I remember watching your coverage when that entire house moved and was destroyed. Hard to believe it’s been five years," as well as: "Thank you for being you, Ginger!"

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