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GMA's Ginger Zee takes on scary task in wild new video

The Good Morning America weather girl is a mom-of-two

Ginger Zee
Faye James
Faye JamesSenior Editor
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Popular Good Morning America meteorologist, Ginger Zee, recently expanded her horizons in a thrilling and somewhat dangerous escapade.

 Venturing outside her regular studio environment, the 42-year-old embarked on a fascinating journey in the vast expanse of the sky, piloting a plane through the impending Hurricane Lee alongside the expert crew of The NOAA Hurricane Hunters.

With the hurricane predicted to make landfall across the New England states over the coming weekend, Ginger's intrepid venture offers invaluable insights into the storm's progression and intensity.

She enthusiastically documented her skyward adventure on Instagram, offering her followers an inside look. 

A captivating photo of her confidently occupying the pilot's seat was shared, followed by a gripping video of her time with the skilled NOAA crew. 

Donning an ABC News hat, with her hair neatly pulled back and equipped with a headset, Ginger's radiant smile depicted her exhilaration and excitement, despite the looming threat of the hurricane.

Ginger Zee's wild new task© Instagram
Ginger Zee's wild new task

Her accompanying caption beautifully encapsulated her journey: "Just about 5 hours ago I got off the @flynoaa Hurricane Hunter P30 named Kermit. We flew right into the heart of hurricane #Lee, guided by their phenomenal crew. 

“While I've always held their work in high regard, this firsthand experience truly highlighted the immense effort that goes into gathering critical storm data. They even entrusted me with piloting Kermit! Catch the entire adventure and updates on Hurricane #Lee on @goodmorningamerica."

Ginger and her family watched the New York Yankees play on Saturday© Instagram
Ginger and her family watched the New York Yankees play

Her daring endeavor didn't go unnoticed. Fans and followers were aflutter with reactions, ranging from admiration to awe. "Such an awe-inspiring experience! It's surely one for the books," one commented. Another fan echoed the sentiment, "From tornado chases to flying into a hurricane – you truly engage with nature in its rawest form!"

Some voiced their concerns, querying about the risks involved, to which Ginger humorously responded: "Though I wasn't fearful, I perhaps overestimated my resistance to motion sickness. Balancing my phone while working amidst the turbulence did challenge my usual resilience."

Ginger Zee in a green top© Getty
Ginger Zee is busy in her career

On GMA's September 8 episode, Ginger delved deeper into discussing the impending hurricane, offering viewers insights into how they might best prepare. Her broadcast, which was also posted on X (previously Twitter), not only highlighted the potential threats of the storm but also showcased Ginger's impeccable sense of style. Dressed in a chic cream dress, she garnered much praise from her fans.

Beyond her weather updates, Ginger's commitment to directly engaging with her audience remains apparent. 

She later took to Instagram, hosting a live stream, keen to answer fans' queries and provide further weather insights. Amid the flurry of comments praising her meteorological expertise, many couldn't help but admire her sartorial choices as well.

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