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New details of conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel’s wedding day emerge in latest findings

Abby and Brittany navigate the world as dicephalus twins, a rarity in medical history

Conjoined twins Abby Hensel and Brittany Hensel
Faye James
Senior Editor
4 April 2024
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In a turn of events that underscores the intricacies of their unique lives, Abby Hensel, celebrated for her extraordinary bond with her conjoined twin Brittany, recently unveiled details of her discreet wedding to Josh Bowling, a nurse and army veteran. 

The wedding, which took place on November 13, 2021, was shrouded in privacy until TMZ reported a significant detail that piqued public interest: Brittany was notably absent from the marriage certificate's list of witnesses. 

Instead, Abby chose their sister, Morgan Hensel, and someone named Cosmo Naut to officially witness her union with Josh.

Abby and Brittany, who have lived under the international spotlight since their TLC show aired, sharing their life’s pivotal moments, navigate the world as dicephalus twins, a rarity in medical history.

Abby and Brittany Hensel on their wedding day© TikTok
Abby and Brittany Hensel on their wedding day

 "We have two spines that join at the pelvis, two hearts, and our shared organs," they once explained, highlighting the physical intricacies of their condition. Despite these shared aspects, their distinct personalities and desires shine through, as evidenced by Abby's matrimonial choices.

Upon the revelation of Abby's marital status and the details surrounding her wedding, many were curious about the dynamics of such a decision, especially considering the inseparable nature of the twins' lives. 

The wedding itself, a celebration of Abby and Josh's love, was marked by elegance and intimacy, with both twins donning a "sleeveless wedding dress with lace trim detailing," contrasting Josh's "classic grey suit."

Abby and Brittany Hensel
Abby and Brittany Hensel

Raised by their parents, Patty and Mike, in a nurturing Christian household, Abby and Brittany have defied early prognostications about their survival and have grown into accomplished individuals.

 "Doctors warned our parents we might not survive the night," they shared in an interview, reflecting on the skepticism they've overcome since their birth on March 7, 1990.

Their lives, a testament to resilience and adaptability, have been a series of managed expectations and shared experiences, from their driving test—“Abby takes over the pedals and the shifter, we both steer, and I take over the blinker and the lights,” Brittany detailed—to their professional roles as educators. 

“Obviously, right away, we understand that we are going to get one salary because we're doing the job of one person,” Abby previously stated, with Brittany adding, “One can be teaching and one can be monitoring and answering questions. So in that sense, we can do more than one person."

The twins' approach to life, characterized by negotiation and compromise, reflects a deep-seated understanding of their unique circumstances.

Josh Bowling with his ex wife Annica© Facebook
Josh Bowling with his ex wife Annica

 "When it comes to decisions, there are compromises we have to make. We take turns. We want to work it so each of us is happy, and we find a happy medium," Abby disclosed, with Brittany elaborating, "We usually bargain with each other, like 'if you do this, I'll give you that.'"

Following the public's discovery of Abby and Josh's wedding, the twins addressed their "haters" directly through a TikTok video, stating, “This is a message to all the haters out there. If you don't like what I do, but watch everything I'm doing, you're still a fan.” 

They further shared, “The internet is extra LOUD today. We have always been around," alongside images of ancient sculptures depicting conjoined twins, reinforcing their message of enduring presence and resilience.

Abby on her wedding day© Facebook
Abby on her wedding day

The unfolding of Abby's wedding details, including Josh's previous entanglements—highlighted by a paternity suit from his ex-wife, Annica Bowling—adds another complicated layer to the narrative. 

Annica's lawsuit, filed in October 2023, nearly two years after Josh's marriage to Abby, involves a quest for paternity confirmation of a child mentioned as 'Isabella's half-sister' in court documents. 

The specifics of the case, particularly which child's paternity is under scrutiny, remain under wraps, though a genetic test report was filed with the court in March, details of which are not public.

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