Charlotte Hawkins just compared herself to Meghan Markle with her own wardrobe malfunction

Royals, celebs, they’re just like us!

Anna Johnstone

Wardrobe malfunctions - we’ve all been there. Whether it’s arriving to work to find out your top is on inside out, having to use emergency safety pins over a broken zip, or forgetting to snip the stitch at the back of a new jacket, it’s inevitable that we slip up from time to time. Which is why we love Charlotte Hawkins for owning up to her wardrobe mistake on Instagram - and compared herself to the Duchess of Sussex!


Meghan and Harry arrived in Tonga looking suitably glam

When Meghan arrived in Tonga, we absolutely adored her vibrant red dress, which she teamed with a pair of navy Manolo Blahnik heels. But eagle-eyed fans discovered that the Duchess actually left the return label on her Self Portrait dress, as it was visible just beneath the hem. Charlotte posted to her Instagram account that she has made a similar mistake, leaving the sticky label on the bottom of her red heel. She explained: “Oh it happens to us all... just to prove the Duchess of Sussex is not the only one with a label on show - look what eagle-eyed @lauratobinweather spotted on the bottom of my shoe!”.


The TV presenter was even wearing the same colour as Meghan at the time, so perhaps there’s something about red that makes us all a little forgetful. We hope Father Christmas doesn’t get absent minded when he’s packing his presents then...

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Fans quickly spotted Meghan's dress label

Luckily, the Meghan’s label was actually in a similar shade of red, so it could almost be called an accessory, surely? Plus, the Duchess rarely steps a (high-heeled) toe out of line and has worn some stunning outfits during the royal tour, so of course a tiny slip-up in inevitable. In fact, all the royals are guilty of an ‘oops’ moment now and then - it proves that they really are just like us. And good on Charlotte for reminding us that celebrities are, too!

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