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Billie Eilish sends fans wild as she reveals new hip tattoo

The Ocean Eyes singer has several tattoos over her body

Billie flashed a smile to reveal a fresh set of tooth gems
Faye James
Faye JamesSenior Editor
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Billie Eilish recently stirred excitement among her fans with a glimpse of her latest tattoo. Attending the Variety Hitmakers event, Eilish was seen in a casual yet stylish ensemble, donning a blue Dodgers bomber jacket, baggy jeans, sunglasses, and a pink beanie. 

Striking a playful pose with two peace signs above her head, she unwittingly revealed a new tattoo on her abdomen – the word "Hard" written in elegant cursive.

The cryptic tattoo, partially obscured by her pants, has sparked curiosity and speculation among her followers. 

On social media, fans expressed their intrigue, with comments ranging from admiration – "‘hard’ tattoo goes stupid i love it" – to eager curiosity – “‘HARD’ WHAT I NEED TO KNOWW,” and “‘HARD’ WHAT BILLIE?”'

Billie Eilish reveals her new hip tattoo© Getty
Billie Eilish reveals her new hip tattoo

This new ink takes its place alongside Eilish's other notable tattoos, including the prominent dragon tattoo on her left hip, which extends down to her thigh. 

This particular tattoo has been partially revealed in the past, most notably during her high-slit outfit at the 2021 Met Gala afterparty and a British Vogue shoot in June 2021. In a Vanity Fair interview, she playfully referred to it as a “big boy.”

Billie has several tattoos© Getty
Billie has several tattoos

The 21-year-old "Ocean Eyes" sensation, who has gained a reputation for her privacy, especially regarding her tattoos, first hinted at her ink in 2020. 

In a conversation with Vanity Fair, she initially stated, “I did get a tattoo, but you won’t ever see it.” Since then, she has gradually revealed more of her body art, including the delicate "little guardian angel fairies" on her left hand, which she debuted in September 2021. 

She shared that this particular design was inspired by “Fairyopolis,” a fairy book from her childhood.

Billie Eilish shows her full massive back tattoo on Instagram© Instagram
Billie Eilish shows her full massive back tattoo on Instagram

Most recently, in September, Eilish gave fans a look at another extensive tattoo, this time a sprawling piece on her back that reaches up to her neck. 

The star also debuted a fresh set of tooth gems, showing off her dental transformation as she beamed at the cameras - revealing she had opted for a sparkling centrepiece to embellish her immaculate smile. 

billie eilish in cherub print top and low rise jeans © Instagram
Billie revealed her dragon tattoo in her jeans

It's not the first time Billie has experimented with temporary teeth embellishments. Earlier this year, the Grammy Award-winning muse divided her fans when she revealed she had a gold cap on one tooth and a small gem in the center of her two front teeth.

"Wtf did she do with her teeth?" asked one of her followers, who quickly started a debate in the comments section, with many appearing to agree that they were not a fan of Billie's grills, while others defended the singer's aesthetic choice. "That's her teeth, she can do with it whatever she wants to," replied one. 

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